blow the whistle

blow the whistle (on sb / sth) (to tell the public or someone in authority about something wrong that you know someone is doing, especially at the place where you work; to draw attention to a crime, bad behavior, something dishonest or illegal) — выдать кого-л. (полиции); донести, доносить на кого-л.; «накапать», «настучать» на кого-л.; сообщить куда следует; наябедничать, ябедничать|| выступить с разоблачениями кого-л. или чего-л.; ||пресечь чьи-л. действия; положить конец; ≅ «прикрыть лавочку»

A person who does this is called a whistle-blower.

Example 1:
Example 2:

Example 3: Hansen was the man who first blew the whistle on global warming, testifying 20 years ago that climate change was for real. (Christian Century, 2008)

Example 4: ...who says she was fired after she blew the whistle on pollution at a Nevada mine.

"The accounting misdeeds that led to the collapse of corporate giants such as Enron, Arthur Andersen and WorldCom — and resulted in thousands of workers losing their jobs — left many wondering: "Why didn't someone blow the whistle on these dishonest practices sooner?"

Frederic Whitehurst, who as a FBI forensic scientist blew the whistle on evidence tampering and false testimony within the FBI's crime laboratory, thinks he knows the answer.

"When you do what they call blowing the whistle in this country, they pull your guts out about 30 yards down the road and stomp on {them}," said Whitehurst... (Chicago Tribune, "Whistleblowers Say Exposing an Employer Can Deal a Career-Crushing Blow", 2002)

Related vocabulary:

tell on sb (provide information about someone that gets him or her in trouble)

Example: When Sam cheated on his history test, one of his classmates told on him.

report sb to sb (to tell someone in authority about a crime, something dangerous etc.)

Example: Hadley's drinking problem led co-workers to report him to the supervisor. (LDOCE)

rat on sb AND rat sb out (to tell someone in authority about something that someone you know has done wrong)

shop sb {UK} (to inform the police or someone in authority about someone who has done something illegal or wrong)

Example: He was shopped by his ex-wife. (LDOCE)

dob sb in (to sb) for sth / for doing sth (to secretly tell someone in authority about something bad that another person has done)

Example 1: Who was it who dobbed me in (to the teacher)? (CALD) — Кто на меня (учителю) наябедничал?

Example 2: He dobbed me in to the teacher.

grass sb up AND grass on sb {UK infml} (to tell someone in authority, especially the police, about about a criminal's activities)

Example 1: Who grassed on us?

Example 2: You can count on Jack not to grass.

Example 3: You wouldn’t grass up your mates, would you? (OALD)

Example 4: Burton grassed on other prisoners. (LDOCE)

tell tales {UK infml} (to tell someone in authority information about someome because you want them to get into trouble) — ябедничать

Example: I'm worried that Bill's been telling tales to the teacher (about Sally as a way of getting his revenge).

squeal on sb (to tell the police or someone in authority that someone has done something wrong or illegal)
Don’t squeal on me. Don’t inform on me. Don’t tell anyone what I did

Example: When he finds out who squealed on him, he's going to make them very sorry. (CALD)
Example: Don’t tell anybody I cheated on the exam. If you squeal on me, I’ll cut off your balls.
Example: Don’t rat me out. Don’t squeal on me. If the boss finds out what I did, he’ll kick me out for sure.
Example: Don’t tell Mom it was me who broke the window. If you don’t squeal on me, I’ll buy you an ice-cream tomorrow.

sneak (on sb) (to sb) {UK, old-fashioned, disapproving} (to tell an adult that another child has done sth wrong, especially in order to cause trouble, snitch)

Example 1: Did you sneak on me to the teacher? (AOLD)

Example 2: A little brat named Oliver sneaked on me. (LDOCE)

snitch (on sb) (to sb) {AmE} (to tell someone such as a parent or teacher about something that another person has done wrong, because you want to cause trouble for that person)

Example: Johnnie snitched on me to his mom. (AOLD)
Example 2: <Somebody snitched on me.

finger sb (if someone, especially a criminal, fingers another criminal, they tell the police that someone has committed a crime)

turn in (to tell the police about someone, or to take them to the police, because they have committed a crime)

write up (to report officially that someone has done something wrong)

denounce (to tell an authority such as the police that a particular person is responsible for a crime)

донос, доносить, доносительство =>