blow one's stack

blow one's stack and blow one's top (get very angry and fly into a rage; lose one's composure ||go crazy, become insane) — обозлиться, взбеситься, потерять контроль над собой; ≈взбелениться, выйти из себя, прийти в ярость, лопнуть от злости; лезть на стенку от злости;не сдержать себя; ≈завестись с пол-оборота ||

Example 1: If she calls about this one more time I'm going to blow my top. (

Example 2: Warren is generally very easy-going, but today he blew his stack(

Example 3: When she regains consciousness, she just may blow her top. (=insane) (

The top here has been likened to the top of an erupting volcano; the stack alludes to a smokestack. (

blow a fuse/ gasket;
blow one's cool / top;
blow one's boiler {AuE}
flip one's lid / wig
fly off the handle,
go ballistic / postal
have a fit,
have kittens,
hit the ceiling,
hit the roof,
lose one's temper,
throw a fit,
blow up,