blow away the cobwebs

blow away the cobwebs AND clear away the cobwebs {UK} (to do something which makes you feel less tired or bored, especially to spend time outside in the fresh air; to get rid of feelings of tiredness, usually with fresh air or exercise; to make you feel more lively and think more clearly; to banish a state of lethargy; refresh oneself) — (пойти) проветриться, вcтряхнуться, очухаться, освежиться

Also shake out the cobwebs

Example 1: A brisk walk along the towpath might blow away the cobwebs.

Example 2: Some people have said that going for a brisk walk or jog, or to the gym, allows them to 'shake out the cobwebs'.

Example 3: I went for a walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Example 4: We went for a five-mile jog to blow the cobwebs away.

Related vocabulary:
[recharge one's batteries]
breathing room( a short rest in the middle of a busy period) — передышка, время передохнуть

Example 1: I've got very little breathing room in my afternoon schedule. (OALD)

time out {informal} (time for resting or relaxing away from your usual work or studies)

Example 1: Let's take (some) time out to gather our thoughts. (OALD)

Cobwebs (паутина) are made by spiders (= small insects with 8 legs) and are usually found in rooms or places that no one uses very much.