bite the bullet

bite the bullet (to force oneself to do something difficult or unpleasant that you have been avoiding doing; to be patient and wait when you do not want to wait; to make a difficult or painful decision; to take a difficult step) — стиснуть зубы, крепиться, терпеть боль, горе и т. п. ; мужественно примириться с суровой необходимостью {предположительно выражение восходит к тому времени, когда оперировали без наркоза и раненому давали пулю, чтобы он её сжимал зубами и не кричал}

≅ Терпи, казак, атаманом будешь! Держись! Мужайся! Терпи! Потерпи! (words of encouragement)

Example 1: : "Hurry mom, I really have to go to the bathroom." "We won't be there for another 20 minutes. Bite the bullet." (

Example 2: : When demand was down, we had to bite the bullet and cut jobs. We had to fire 20 percent of our workers.

Example 3:

Example 4: .

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[терпи, казак, атаман будешь!]
Never say die.

This idiom comes from the military. During the Civil War in the United States, doctors sometimes ran out of whiskey for killing the pain. A bullet would be put in the wounded soldier's mouth during surgery. He would "bite the bullet" to distract him from the pain and keep him quiet so the doctor could do his work in peace.