better fed than taught

better fed than taught
≈ вырос, а ума не скопил / не нажил;
≅ вырос, а ума не вынес;
≅ велика фигура, да дура;
≅ велик местом, а говорить не с кем;
≅ велик телом, да мал делом;
≅ дубина стоеросовая (о невоспитанном или необразованном человеке)

Example: Never, never had anyone spoken to me in that tone before. I looked at him incredulously and saw his face convulsed with rage. "Shut up, you!" I bawled, beside myself. "What’s that you said?" shouted Father, making a wild leap out of the bed. "Mick, Mick!" cried Mother. "Don’t you see the child isn’t used to you?" "I see he’s better fed than taught ," snarled Father, waving his arms wildly. "He wants his bottom smacked." All his previous shouting was as nothing to these obscene words referring to my person. They really made my blood boil. "Smack your own!" I screamed hysterically. "Smack your own! Shut up! Shut up!" (Frank O’Connor, "My Oedipus Complex")

"Better fed than taught."— This old saying may be alluded to in "All's Well that Ends Well" by the clown, "I will show myself highly fed and lowly taught."