bells and whistles

bells and whistles
(fancy features; items or features that are useful, decorative or attractive, but not essential for the product to function; frills offered to the customer as plusses but not really indispensable for the device to work; extra product features, usually using the latest technologies) — прибамбасы, навороты, фишечка

Example 1: Our office just got a new copier with all the bells and whistles. I'll probably never learn how to use all of its features!

Example 2: Manufacturers have taken to hanging a few bells and whistles on their machines to get them noticed on the overcrowded market. — Поизводители принялись прилаживать на свое оборудование всяческие "прибамбасы", чтобы выделиться на перенасыщенном рынке.

Example 3: Higher-end models offer high-definition video, better-quality audio and all sorts of other bells and whistles.

Example 4: She won't be satisfied with a simple cell phone. She wants one with all the bells and whistles.

Example 5: He wants an expensive new digital camera so he can impress his friends, not because he actually needs all of those bells and whistles.