behind the scenes

behind the scenes (not done in public; hidden) — тайно, закулисно; ~ под шумок

Example 1: I am always afraid that people are plotting to harm me behind the scenes. (David Holmes)

Example 2: Documentaries about rock bands give you a detailed, behind the scenes view of how they really live. (EB)

Example 3: In Mr. Taksin’s government, there was always a lot of political manipulation going on behind the scenes. (David Holmes)

Example 4: In big business, the giants of industry are always pulling strings behind the scenes. (David Holmes)

Example 5: There is going to be a lot of fallout in the CIA hearings when the public learns about the role of American operatives in their trading in drugs behind the scenes. (David Holmes)

Just as in a theatre there is a lot of action going on backstage behind the painted screens and wings in preparation for the next scene, so we may say that in politics or business or private life, there are a lot of unseen and maybe even secret activities going on behind the scenes.
When I was in the school play, I had butterflies in my stomach, while I was waiting in the wings, behind the scenes, but the moment I got on stage, I said my lines and forgot my fear.(David Holmes)

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