beg, borrow, or steal

beg, borrow, or steal sth (to do whatever you must in order to get what you want; to obtain by any possible means; to manage to find something you need by whatever method you can)
{often used humorously} — всеми правдами и неправдами (раздобыть, достать что-л.); любой ценой достать; кровь из носу (раздобыть, достать что-л.)
beg or borrow sth

Example 1: I was determined to beg, borrow, or steal a copy of that book from somewhere. — Я решила, что достану/ раздобуду экземgляр во что бы то ни стало, любой ценой

Example 2: I've gone through every scrap of information we could beg, borrow or steal about that decisive day, reviewing it all time and again, trying to find some way to undo the damage. (Analog Science Fiction & Fact)

Example 3: The afternoon sun was low in the western sky and golden-red light spilled across the perfectly mown lawns. Each leaf on each tree fairly glowed with healthy vigor. It was so perfect it looked like a photo from an advertising brochure. Much better than my previous visit. Gorgeous, in fact. I was filled with envy. Nothing would do except to beg, borrow, or steal enough money to buy a house in the neighborhood. And I happened to know that one was available right across the street from where I was parked.
(Analog Science Fiction & Fact)

Often used in the negative, to describe something that cannot be obtained — днем с огнем не найдeшь; ни за что не достать; ни за что на свете не достать)

Example: You couldn't beg, borrow, or steal tickets to their concert.

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