beats me

(it) beats me and (it) beats my time (=it surpasses my understanding; it leaves me puzzled or mystified) — понятия не имею; без понятия, выше моего понимания; ничего не понимаю!; просто ум за разум заходит

Something that you say when you cannot understand something

Example 1: It beats me how he managed to survive for three weeks alone in the mountains.

Example 2: Mom Beck was busy putting lunch on the table when the Little Colonel looked in at the kitchen door. So she did not see a little tramp, carrying her shoes in one hand, and a basket in the other, who paused there a moment. But when she took up the pan of beaten biscuit she was puzzled to find that several were missing.
"It beats my time," she said, aloud. "The parrot couldn't have reached them, an' Lloyd an' the dog have been in the pa'lah all mawnin'. Somethin' has jus' natch'ly done sperrited 'em away."

Fritz was gravely licking his lips, and the Little Colonel had her mouth full, when they suddenly made their appearance on the front porch. (The Little Colonel by Annie Fellows Johnston)

what beats me — чего я уж совсем никак не могу понять, ...

Example : What beats me is how he persuaded Pam to lend him the money. (CIDI)

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