bear the brunt

bear the brunt of sth (put up with the worst of some bad circumstance) — принять на себя, выдержать главный удар; нести основную тяжесть чего-л.; принять на себя, выдержать, нести все тяготы чего-л. {этим. воен. принять на себя главный удар неприятеля}

Example 1: The girl bore the brunt of the household chores.

Example 2: Towns that bear the brunt of floods are usually those that are located close to a river.

Example 3: Education will bear the brunt of the cuts. (

Example 4: It was the secretary who had to bear the brunt of the doctor's anger. (The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms)

Related vocabulary:
нести свой крест
stand in the breach (принять на себя главный удар)

This idiom uses brunt in the sense of “the main force of an enemy's attack,” which was sustained by the front lines of the defenders.
(The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms)