bawl one's eyes out

bawl one's eyes out
cry one's eyes out
(to cry loudly especially for a long time) — выплакать все глаза, горько рыдать; реветь(=рыдать); выплакать своё горе, выплакаться (esp with heart: cry one's heart out)

Example 1: It's the saddest book I've ever read. I bawled my eyes out at the end. (MW)

Example 2: The first thing I said to her when she came home from school that day is how disappointed I was with her. She bawled her eyes out and was afraid that I would never be proud of her again or trust her. I reassured her that that wouldn't happen.

Example 3: Camille is crying her heart out tonight, but don't think for a minute she wants you back, she said she never wanted to see you again and she said it was to be final this time. Yet you stand here and make silly faces, and I don't think there's a care in your heart. ("On The Road", Jack Kerouac)

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