bang-up job

(do) a bang-up job (a very successful piece of work; something done very well; something performed above average or better than expected) — первоклассный, превосходный

Example 1: If you want to choose your friendship first, you can just hand this over to the authorities. Let somebody else investigate it. — Yeah, I'm sure they'd do a bang-up job {ironically}. (Lie to Me, 7)

Example 2: You've done a bang up job clearing out the garage. (CIDI)

Example 3: Your team was faced with a hard task and did a bang-up job. We're all thrilled with the results.

bang up — damage, injure, as in Banging up the car a second time will make Dad very unhappy, or Mother fell down the stairs and was all banged up.
The verb to bang alone had this meaning from the 1500s on, up being added in the late 1800s. In the early 1800s it gave rise to the colloquial adjective bang-up, for excellent or very successful, as in David did a bang-up job baking the birthday cake. (American Heritage)