bang goes sth!

Bang goes something! {infml} (something is suddenly gone, lost; a sudden end to hopes, plans, etc — something that you say when you have just lost the opportunity to do something) — плакало мое ...; (что-то) накрылось медным тазом; ~ обломалось, блин

Example 1: It cost £50, so bang goes my new dress (=I will not be able to afford it) (WDI) — ...плакало мое платье; накрылось мое новое платье (медным тазом)

Example 2: I've just been told I'm working late this evening. Oh well, bang goes the cinema! (CIDI)

Example 3: It they take over our firm bang goes my job (= I will no longer be employed) (WDI)

Example 3: I've told my boss that she's stupid, rude and arrogant. Oh well, bang goes my chance of promotion. (You can also say there goes my chance of promotion.)

Example 5: Mortgage rates going up again -- and bang goes our dreams of a new house.

Example 6: A friend of mine had a car accident and suffered severe injuries, and bang went his chances of going to university.

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.....Yes, of course, everything about us, from the simplest sensation to the most elaborately constructed sense of self, requires a brain in some kind of working order. Remove your brain and bang goes your IQ. It does not follow that our brains are pretty well the whole story of us, nor that the best way to understand ourselves is to stare at "the neural substrate of which we are composed".