bad rap

a bad rap and a bum rap (an unfair judgement on something or somebody; a criticism or bad opinion that is not deserved or fair; an adverse opinion or judgment considered undeserved or unjust) — дурная репутация, дурная слава; незаслуженная критика
get a bad/bum rap from sb

.....The review was a bum rap, but I liked the book.
.....He was given a bum rap by reviewers.
.....Adolescents typically get a bad rap in this country.
.....Teens get a bad rap due to all the negative that gets publicized. Many deserve the bad rap.
.....The teenagers say they've all gotten a bum rap because one person damaged some property. I guess it's the case of a few rotten apples ruining the bushel.
.....She thinks motorboats get a bum rap from environmentalists.

give sb a rap on/over/across the knuckles {informal} (to give somebody strong criticism for something
get a rap on/over/across the knuckles {informal} (receive strong criticism for something

Example: We got a rap over the knuckles for being late. (OALD)

[give a bad name]
There’s also bad rep (where rep is short for reputation—an abbreviation that dates back centuries). have a bad rap is to have a bad rep, but bad rep appears only rarely, and some readers might interpret it as a misspelling of bad rap.

The rap in bad rap is related to an American sense of the word dating from the late 18th century—namely, a reprimand or a criticism. It’s closely related to the rap in rap sheet, which refers to a list of one’s past criminal offenses. All these senses of rap probably descend from older senses relating to blows and strokes delivered as punishment. The fact that rap sounds like rep might also have contributed to the modern sense of bad rap. (