airs and graces

airs and graces (false ways of behaving that are intended to make other people feel that you are important and belong to a high social class) — манерность, жеманство; выпендреж; ~ понты; ~ пальцы веером (контекст.)

Example 1: In spite of all her airs and graces she had very few talents.

put on airs and graces — строить из себя невесть что; выпендриваться; ~ пальцы гнуть, пальцы раскидывать

Example 1: It's no good putting on airs and graces with me.

Example 2: He was always putting on airs and graces. (CALD)

give oneself airs and graces

Example 1: She's got no reason to give herself airs and graces.

Example 2: I knew you when you were working in a shop! Look at you giving yourself airs and graces — think you're better than us, do you? (CIDI)

[строить из себя]

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