against one's better judgement

against one's better judgement
(contrary to what one feels to be wise or sensible; unwillingly, with reservation, in spite of oneself) – вопреки (собственному) здравому смыслу, вопреки (собственному) голосу разума, вопреки голосу рассудка, вопреки собственному разумению;
~ скрепя сердце (в некоторых контекстах)
against all better judgement – вопреки (всякому) здравому смыслу
Also spelled judgment

If you do something against your better judgement, you do it although you are not sure that it is a good idea or think it is wrong

I lent him the money against my better judgement. (Cambridge Idioms Dictionary)
.....Against my better judgement, I agreed.
....he persuaded me against my better judgement to join him.
..... I took his advice, somewhat against my better judgment.
..... I had fallen for her against all better judgement and advice.

More example sentences

..... Despite this and against my better judgement, I said Lee could come round for a meal while I was out visiting my sister. (
..... They are doing it against their better judgment. (
..... I listened to the tape against my better judgment. (
..... So this feeling of seeing what is right, endorsing what is right, condemning what is wrong, and yet nonetheless finding oneself doing what lies against one's better judgement is a fundamental trope in the Western literary tradition. It's a fundamental trope in the Eastern philosophical tradition. And it's an extraordinarily familiar feeling in all of our lives. (Tamar Gendler)

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