according to Hoyle

according to Hoyle* (according to the rules) — по всем правилам; правильно; так как нужно; все путем (разг., контекст); все чин по чину, чин чином, чин чинарем; «по понятиям» (в соотв. контексте)

Example 1: According to Hoyle, it's your turn to deal the cards. — По правилам тебе сейчас сдавать.**

Example 2: That’s wrong. According to Hoyle, this is the way to do it. — Не так. Вот как это нужно путем делать.

Example 3: According to Hoyle you are not allowed to enter this room but if nobody is here I think it will be okay.

Example 3: The tax records are in excellent order, all according to Hoyle. ( — Налоговая отчетность в полном порядке
— все чин по чину.


rule of thumb
*Hoyle wrote a well-known book about card games
**This expression is usually used for something other than games.