accidents waiting to happen

an accident waiting to happen and a disaster waiting to happen (а thing or situation which is almost certain to eventually lead to an accident) — до добра не доведет; мина/ бомба замедленного действия; беды не оберешься; ~ как на пороховой бочке (...); ~ того и гляди, какая-н. беда приключится; жди беды; ~ чреватый (чревато неприятностями, тяжелыми последствиями); неминуемая катастрофа

Also, a train wreck waiting to happen (someone who is always about to get in trouble, always on the edge of disaster)

Example 1: Seriously, I think it's clear that John was an accident waiting to happen. He just managed to find a way to make it happen over and over.

Example 2: A child playing with matches is an accident waiting to happen .

Example 3: Crowdfunding: Potential Legal Disaster Waiting To Happen

ticking time bomb — бомба замедленного действия

Teacher who beat 'disruptive' pupil with dumbbell says after avoiding jail that many teachers are 'ticking time bombs' (

The term "accident waiting to happen" means that some unfortunate events must be accepted as inevitable.

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a (total) train wreck 1.

a (total) train wreck
1. патологический неудачник, тридцать три несчастья, ходячая катастрофа

..... My friend is a total train wreck (my friend is always getting into trouble, acting clumsily, making a mess of things.)

2. провал; (что-л.) никуда не годится

something that fails completely or goes extremely badly
..... The movie was a train wreck. (CALD)
..... After last year's train wreck of a season, we have to do better. (CALD)