about time

about time - давно пора; ну наконец-то
варианты (усиление):
About time too!
(And) not before time!

Something that you say when someone tells you about something which has happened, in order to show that you think it should have happened a long time ago

Example 1: 'The new iPhone is finally out.' 'About time!'
(- Наконец-то выпустили новый iPhone. - Ну наконец-то! Давно пора!)

Example 2: 'The fire alarm has been fixed so it's no longer going to go off for no reason.' 'And about time, too!'
(- Пожарную сигнализацию починили и она больше не будет включаться беспричинно. - Давно пора!)

Example 3: 'They're widening the road outside the school.' 'About time too!'