a fine kettle of fish!

A fine / a pretty / a nice kettle of fish! (Usually used with "pretty", "fine", "nice", but meaning bad trouble, a real mess; a difficult problem or situation) — Хорошенькое дельце! Ну ничего себе! Веселенькая история! Вот так история! Вот тебе и раз! Ну и дела! Вот так номер! Полная засада! и т.п

Example 1: That's a fine kettle of fish! The car won't start and I have to leave in five minutes. — Ну ничего себе положенье! Ну попал! Машина не заводится, а мне через пять минут ехать.

Example 2: The dog has eaten my homework! This is a fine kettle offish! — Собака съела домашнюю работу! Вот так номер!

Example 3:
Marilla: Well, this is a pretty kettle of fish! This girl will have to go back to the orphanage tomorrow. ... It's kind of a pity to send her back when she's so set on staying. (Anne of Green Gables)