swings and roundabouts

swings and roundabouts -- плюсы и минусы, преимущества и недостатки; достоинства и недостатки; победы и поражения, взлёты и падения;

no oil painting

be no oil painting {BrE, humorous} (to not be attractive) — не красавец, не красавица; не писаный красавец; не ахти какой красавец; не бог весть какой красавец; смотреть не

nineteen to the dozen

(talk / chatter) nineteen to the dozen {UK} (to do something at a great rate; most often refers to speed of speaking — to talk very quickly without stopping) — говорить без умолку, без конца, без остановки; трещать, тараторить

Example 1: He was a great conversationalist and talked nineteen to the dozen, without stopping.

it'll end in tears

it'll (all) end in tears {UK, spoken} — кончится все это плачевно; конец будет плачевным

Used to warn someone that something they are doing will cause problems or arguments between people.

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