phrasal verbs

дурная компания

the wrong crowd

Example: As a result of spending time with the wrong crowd all through high school and now in college, Joe smokes 10–15 cigarettes a day.

open up

open up (to sb) (about sth) (show one’s feelings, express oneself) — открыться, признаться (в своих чувствах)

screw up

screw up {very informal} ( to make a serious mistake, or to spoil something, especially a situation) — все испортить, облажаться, лажануться; напортачить; ~ наломать дров

zone out

zone out (space out; think about nothing; relax) —
отключиться, задуматься, перестать обращать внимание на происходящее вокруг

pick on sb

pick on sb (for sth) (bother; tease; bully) — дразнить, приставать; задирать; прикапываться; ~ придираться, ~ издеваться
be/get picked on (by sb)

roll over on sb

roll over on sb (to inform the authorities of a person's involvement in a crime, for personal benefit; to go to the police about someone doing something illegal) — донести на кого-

stoop so low

stoop so low (as to do sth) {fml} (to drop your moral standards far enough to do something bad, unpleasant or morally wrong, which you do not normally do) — (так) низко па

get round to sth

get round to sth / doing sth AND
get around to sth / doing sth

get off on sth

get off on sth (enjoy greatly) получать удовольствие; тащиться, торчать от чего-л ( в значении получать удовольствие)

slack off

slack off (not work hard, be lazy) — лениться, лентяйничать; отлынивать от работы; сачковать, филонить (сленг.)


wash down (to drink something after putting food or medicine in your mouth, especially so that you can swallow more easily)

patch it up

patch it up (with sb) AND patch things up (to become friends with someone again after a disagreement) — помириться; наладить отношения (после конфликта)

Example 1: Isn’t it time you two patched it up? (MM)

Example 2: Apparently, they’ve since patched things up with their father. (MM)

сool down

сool down AND сool off (to become, or to cause someone to become, less angry or excited; to reduce someone's anger, passion or love; relax, let anger go away ) — охл

rub it in

rub it in and rub sb's nose in it (mention something repeatedly to annoy; to keep referring to something that the hearer does not want to be reminded of, usually b


[out like a light]
[black out]
[blank out]
[zone out]
go blank
pass out (lose consciousness, fall asleep)

win sb over

win sb over / around / round (to sth) (succeed in changing someone’s opinion; get sb’s support or approval by persuading them that you are right) — переубедить; убедить в своей правоте | перетянуть (на свою сторону)

Example 1: They’re against the project but I’m sure I can win her over.

Example 2: I think we can win them over to our side, to the ideas we've got, because they're good for America. (spoken)

talk sth up

talk something up (to describe somebody/something in a way that makes them sound better than they really are; to make something appear more important) — приукрашивать; выставлять в в

pipe down

Pipe down! (used as a command meaning "Be quiet!" ) — Тише ты! Да замолчи! Заткнись! Не ори так! Угомонись! Утихомирься! (Угомонитесь! Утихомирьтесь!)

Example 1: Mudear, awakened by their quarreling on school mornings over space at the mirror, would yell down the hall, "Daughters! Pipe down there and take turns." Of course, it was easy for her to say. She had a bathroom all to herself. (Ugly Ways, Tina McElroy Ansa)

cancel sth out

cancel sth out (to destroy the effect of something;) — сводить (какие-л. усилия, достижения) на нет; ~ коту под хвост

simmer down

Simmer down! (become calm after anger or excitement) — успокойся, не волнуйся; ~ не парься

Example 1: Just simmer down. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is.

make up for

make up for something (to take the place of something that has been lost or damaged; to provide something good, so that something bad seems less important) — заменить, восполнить (ут


frame sb up AND set sb up (to make up evidence or contrive events so as to incriminate (a person) falsely) — подставить

buy into sth

buy into sth (believe, agree with) — поверить, повестись
buy it

I don’t buy into the idea that there are no ghosts. I’ve seen one!

knuckle down

knuckle down AND buckle down (to apply oneself earnestly to a task; focus; concentrate; commit to getting something done) — взяться за дело; серьезно отнестись к какому-л. делу; ≅ засучить рукава; ~ взяться за ум наконец (контекст)

Example 1: Tania used to party all the time, but lately she’s been trying to buckle down.

take sb up on sth

take sb up on sth — ловить на слове

Example: - What's this? - This is .. the bill. - The bill? You wanna split it? - God, please. Split it. I'll take you up on that.- -Что это? - Это счет.- Счет? Хочешь, чтобы мы оплатили его вместе? - Слава тебе, господи, ловлю тебя на слове.

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