hale and hearty

hale and hearty {cliché} (healthy) — книж. здоровый, крепкий, сильный; здоровый и бодрый

..... The young infant was hale and hearty.

blow hot and cold

blow hot and cold (on sth) — колебаться, постоянно менять своё мнение, отношение; делать взаимоисключающие вещи, занимать двойственную позицию (ср.

chop and change

chop and change (change one's mind)

sticks and stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

smoke and mirrors

smoke and mirrors (deceit and confusion; more style than substance) — очковтирательство, сплошной обман

skin and bone

(nothing but / all / only) skin and bone (extremely thin in a way that is not attractive or healthy) {infml} — кожа да кости; одни кости (остались) {о болезненно

short and sweet

short and sweet (without unnecesary details, concise) — коротко и ясно; без излишних подробностей;
≅ не растекаться мыслею по древу

prim and proper

prim and proper (very careful about their behaviour and appearance, and easily shocked by what other people say or do) — чопорный; правильный

footloose and fancy-free

be footloose (and fancy-free) (without responsibilities or commitments; able to do anything one desires in one’s life without any restrictions) — совершенно свободный от обязательств

head and shoulders above sth

be head and shoulders above sth/sb (be greatly superior to something else) — дать кому-л.

safe and sound

safe and sound (if you are safe and sound, you are not harmed in any way, although you were in a dangerous situation; not hurt) — жив здоров, цел и невредим; целехонек

song and dance

make a song and dance about sth (if you make a song and dance about sth behave as if it was worse, more important, more difficult etc than it really is) {BrE informal} — преувеличиват

meek and mild

meek and mild (very quiet, gentle and unwilling to argue with people or state your opinions in a forceful way) ≅ тише воды, ниже травы

She seemed so very meek and mild.

full of fads and fancies

full of fads and fancies — чудаковатый, с причудами

fads and fancies

fair and square

fair and square (in an honest way and without any doubt) — честно, без мошенничества; без жульничества; без подвоха

hard and fast rule

a hard and fast rule (a strict rule; one which cannot be altered, a rule without exception) — жесткое правило; четкое правило; железное правило; непререкаемое правило; непреложное пра

part and parcel

part and parcel (a necessary part of an experience that cannot be avoided) — неотъемлемая часть; || ~ от этого никуда не денешься; ~ тут уж ничего не поделаешь (с чем-л.

straight and narrow

the straight and narrow (path) (a straight and law-abiding route through life; the way of proper conduct and moral integrity) — праведный путь; стезя добродетели (ирон.); честная,

stock and store

stock and store — целиком, полностью

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a stick in the mud (an old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate, who lacks initiative, imagination, or enthusiasm.) — косный человек; человек, погрязший в рутине; ~ слишком правильный; отставший от жизни; закосневший; заскорузлый

Example: 'Anyway, I'm not interested in married women.' 'Oh, don't be such a stick-in-the-mud.' — ... Да не будь ты таким старомодным занудой.

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