что ни делается, все к лучшему

[blessing in disguise]
Whatever happens is for the best.
[it's an ill wind]

[it's just as well] (контекст.)

не было бы счастья, да несчастье помогло;
нет худа без добра

ежу понятно

other things being equal

(all) other things (being) equal

при прочих равных условиях

(all) [other things being equal]
Ceteris paribus or caeteris paribus

как назло

Как назло means "as if in spite" and is said whenever things go wrong as if by design. You know how it is — you have to look your best for a meeting, and then on the way:

ни одно, так другое

[If it's not one thing, it's another!]
то понос, то золотуха

[беда не приходит одна]
(все) одно к одному
It's just one thing on top of another. — Все одно к одному.

общее место

the obvious — общее место, банальность
to state the obvious (to say something that is unnecessary or already known) — говорить общие места


a dump {disapproving}
(to say that some place is a dump is to say that it is a very bad place) —
дыра, захолустье

What a dump!

smart aleck

a smart alec(k) (an annoying self-assertive person who tries to show off how clever they are; a person who is irritating because they behave as if they know everything; a person who t

вывести из строя

put sb out of commission
put sb out of action
— вывести из строя


[shot in the dark]
take a wild guess at
[wild guess]

[с ходу]
[пальцем в небо]

tread on sb's toes

tread on sb's toes and step on sb's toes (say or do sth that upsets or hurts sb; to upset someone, esp.

палка о двух концах

палка о двух концах
There's two sides to a coin
Every coin has two sides

mixed blessing

a mixed blessing (something that is good in some ways but bad in others) — что-л., имеющее и положительные, и отрицательные стороны; и хорошо, и плохо одновременно

to the dogs

throw to the dogs AND
give to the dogs
выбросить за негодностью, за ненадобностью; бросить на произвол судьбы

acid test

the acid test (a very thorough test: a fact, event, or situation that proves something, for example whether a plan will work; a test whose findings are beyond doubt or dispute, somet

второе рождение

(have/give/etc) a new lease on life {AmE}
have/give/etc) a new lease of life {BrE}

закрыть глаза

[turn a blind eye to sth]
[turn a deaf ear]
close one's eyes to sth

We shouldn't close our eyes to the problem.


sweep sth under the carpet

sweep sth under the carpet AND sweep sth under the rug — (try to ignore or forget something (unpleasant) because it is embarrassing or it does

eyes are bigger than one's stomach

(have) one's eyes are bigger than one's stomach
(have) one's eyes bigger than one's belly

preach to the converted

preach to the converted — убеждать тех, кто уже согласен, ~ ломиться в открытую дверь (контекст.);

сколько душе угодно

the third degree

the third degree (a very tough and challenging interview or interrogation; vigorous questioning in order to extort confession) — допрос с пристрастием

deep six

deep six

1. to throw overboard — выбросить что-либо, избавиться от чего-либо.

Example 1: As the police boat came near, the drug smugglers deep-sixed their cargo.


a den of thieves— воровская малина
"fence" is a place where thieves can sell the loot

lightning rod for sth

be a lightning rod for sth (be the person who gets all the blame or criticism in a bad situation, although you are not the only resposible for it, or are not responsible for it at a

in the middle of nowhere

in the middle of nowhere

used about a place that you don't like because it is far away from any other towns, places, people, etc.

паршивая овца всё стадо портит

One bad apple spoils the (whole) bunch
One rotten apple spoils the (whole) barrel

A rotten/bad apple (in the barrel)
black sheep

[fly in the ointment]

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