сделать исключение из правил

bend/stretch the rules (to do sth or to allow someone to do sth which is not usually allowed)

meek and mild

meek and mild (very quiet, gentle and unwilling to argue with people or state your opinions in a forceful way) ≅ тише воды, ниже травы

She seemed so very meek and mild.

вывести на чистую воду

catch sb out (to show that someone is doing wrong)

play one's cards right

play one's cards right — правильно разыграть свои карты; не прогадать, хорошо сыграть, использовать возможности; умело вести свои дела; воспользоваться случаем, ситуацией, обстоятель


крючкотворство - chicane, pettifoggery
~ box-ticking approach
(~ tick box bureaucrats)

наломать дров

наломать дров (to make a serious mistake, or to spoil something, especially a situation)

≈ goof up (big time)
≈ make a real mess of things
≈ botch / mess up everything

play cat and mouse with sb

play cat and mouse with sb (......) — играть в кошки-мышки с кем-либо; не говорить ни да, ни нет

сам заварил кашу — сам расхлебывай

You've made your own bed, now you must lie in it OR
Someone's made his bed; now let him lie in it

[take the lid off sth]

time will tell

time will tell - время покажет
time (alone) will tell
only time will tell

— (только) время покажет; (только) время рассудит

бальзам на душу

[sight for sore eyes]
music to sb's ears
balm for the soul

over a barrel

over a barrel {infml}

packed like sardines

packed like sardines (said eg of passengers on a bus or train during rush hour: crowded very closely together) — как селедка в банке/как селедка в бочке/как сардины в банке


[slow on the draw]

~ be still in the starting blocks (when the race is already over)

[конь не валялся]

play possum

play possum (lie low to deceive sb; dissemble; feign ignorance (=pretend to be dead so that sb will not annoy or attack you)) — затихариться; залечь на дно

go to great lengths

go to great lengths — пойти на многое, не останавливаться ни перед чем

see also
[the end justifies the means]
[all's fair in love and war]
[no holds barred]

let the cat out of the bag

The cat's out of the bag!
The truth is revealed.
The truth is out.
Нам / мне все известно!

let the cat out of the bag — проболтаться, проговориться

Example 1: I'm sorry I've let the cat out of the bag about your surprise party.

Example 2: Marsha let the cat out of the bag. So we know all about the surprise trip to France.

A dishonest farmer, claiming to be selling a young pig, might substitute a cat or some other valueless animal in a tied bag. A circumspect buyer would examine the purchase on the spot; an unwary one would not do so until it was too late. Either way the cat would then be let out of the bag and the truth would be known.
To be sold a pup (=swindled) is a variant of this expression; perhaps some tricksters used a dog instead of a cat. A [pig in a poke] is obviously related; poke is an old word for a small sack and the whole expression means 'something bought or received without prior examination or knowledge'.


an [also ran]
a loser
a misfit
a born loser
(someone who always seems to have bad things happen to them)
be born lucky/unlucky etc (=always be lucky, unlucky etc)

задеть за живое

[cut sb to the quick]
[strike home]
[hit where it hurts]
(to do something which will upset someone as much as possible) — задеть за живое, больно задеть

hard and fast rule

a hard and fast rule (a strict rule; one which cannot be altered, a rule without exception) — жесткое правило; четкое правило; железное правило; непререкаемое правило; непреложное пра

не мозолить глаза

[make oneself scarce]

не попадаться на глаза, не мельтешить (мелькать) перед глазами, не мозолить ему глаза ; исчезнуть; стать тише воды, ниже травы; убраться подобру-поздорову

straight and narrow

the straight and narrow (path) (a straight and law-abiding route through life; the way of proper conduct and moral integrity) — праведный путь; стезя добродетели (ирон.); честная,

stock and store

stock and store — целиком, полностью

see also
[full Monty]
[lock, stock, and barrel]



an armpit

второe рождение

a new / second lease on life (new energy and enthusiasm; new purpose) — вторая жизнь, новая жизнь; второе рождение
have/give/get/etc a new lease on life {AmE}

not all it's cracked up to be

not all/everything sth cracked up to be (not as good as something is said to be; not as good as people say.) — не оправдывать ожиданий; не соответствовать тому, что говорят; не со

eyes in the back of one's head

have eyes in the back of one's head (have the capability to see what is coming up behind you or going on behind your back; to know everything that is happening around you ) — иметь

off again, on again

off again, on again - неопределенный

on again, off again AND
off again, on again
(uncertain; indecisive)

calm before the storm

the calm before the storm and

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