out of hand

out of hand (without any more thought; without reservation or deeper examination) — сходу, без раздумий, с порога, без размышлений

пот градом

sweat like a pig
sweat buckets

[sweat like a pig]

at the hands of sb

at the hands of sb AND at sb's hands (because of someone's actions) — со стороны, от рук, по вине

выпустить джинна из бутылки

[let the genie out of the bottle]

ящик Пандоры
сделанного не воротишь

twist sb's words

twist sb's words (around)
(to restate sb's words inaccurately; to misrepresent what someone has said) — извращать смысл, передергивать; переиначивать (чьи-л. слова)

let oneself go

let oneself go (stop caring about how you look, gain weight,etc) —перестать следить за собой вовсе, распуститься, опуститься, махнуть на себя рукой, поставить на себе крест (в смысл

screw up

screw up {very informal} ( to make a serious mistake, or to spoil something, especially a situation) — все испортить, облажаться, лажануться; напортачить; ~ наломать дров

упаси бог

God/Heaven forbid (that…) {informal}
Used to express a fervent wish that something does not happen (to say that you hope that something will not happen)
Упаси бог!

fall through the cracks

fall through the cracks
slip through the cracks

hung up about sth

be hung-up (about/on sth) (having a hang-up; obsessively or exclusively interested in) — быть зацикленным на чем-л.; иметь пунктик, заморочку по поводу чего-л.

шито белыми нитками

(обвинение / доказательство) шито белыми нитками (literally, sewn with white thread) refers to the white thread used for basting (для наметывания, наметки).

take the lid off sth

lift/take the lid off sth {Of is usually retained before pronouns.} (to reveal a set of previously concealed problems) — сорвать завесу, покровы с чего-л.; разворошить что-л.

не учи ученого

Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs
[teach one's grandmother to suck eggs]
[яйца курицу не учат]


teach one's grandmother to suck eggs

teach one's grandmother to suck eggs (to try to tell or show someone more knowledgeable or experienced than oneself how to do something; to give advice to someone about a subject th

live for the moment

live for the moment (concentrate on what’s happening now, on the present, with little or no concern for the future) — жить сегодняшним днем; жить одним днем; не заглядывать в будущее

Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach (do the things yourself that you tell other people to do)
Our actions (what we do) should always be consistent with our words (what we say).

leave to one's own devices

leave sb to one's own devices (to leave someone alone to do as they wish, and not tell them what to do) — предоставить самому себе; оставить без контроля, наздора, пр.; не заниматься

play into the hands

play (right/straight) into sb's hands and play (right/straight) into the hands of sb (to do what someone you are competing with wants you to do, without r

играть кому-л. на руку

играть кому-л. на руку
[play into the hands]

sow one’s wild oats

sow one’s wild oats

Cook's tour

Cook's tour (a guided but rapid or cursory tour of a place, covering only the main features; || any quick overview of only the highlights of a subject) — галопом по европам

жить одним днем

[live for the moment]
[take it one day at a time]
[cross the bridge when one comes to it]
take each day as it comes

жить как живется
не заглядывать вперед

собраться с силами

to gather/summon/muster/regain one's strength (before doing sth. difficult, after having been ill etc):
[recharge one’s batteries]
get one's second wind -->
[сatch one's second wind ];

высосать из пальца

to pull something out of your ass

see also
[брать с потолка]
высосанный из пальца

you name it

you name it (everything a person can think of, what not, "etc") —

if X never happens again it will be too soon

if X never happens again it will be too soon

hit it out of the ballpark

hit /knock one out of the (ball)park
hit/knock it out of the (ball)park


spill one's heart out
pour one's heart out
(freely share one’s emotions) — выговориться; излить душу, так как наболело, накипело, накопилось и пр

put down roots

put down roots — пустить корни (в новом месте), осесть

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