trade places

trade places (with sb)
Also change/swap places (with sb)

губа не дура

губа не дура (у кого-л.) (кто-л. обладает хорошим вкусом, знает, что выбрать, предпочесть; кто-л. знает, что выбрать в своих интересах, к своей выгоде)

обходиться без чего-л.

do without sth — обходиться без чего-л., обойтись без чего-л.

can't do without sth— не могу обходиться без чего-л, не могу обойтись без чего-л.

Don't have a cow

don't have a cow (don't become so excited or angry, don't get so worked up; chill out; don't make a fuss, don't make a scene, don't get all upset (whether through panic, anger or so

sticks and stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

spring to sb’s aid

spring to sb’s aid AND spring to sb’s assistance (move quickly to help someone) — броситься на помощь

don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. — Не буди лихо, пока спит тихо.

(Let the sleeping dog lie)

no way

No way! {infml} (=NO! Never!

bite off more than one can chew

bite off more than one can chew (take on more than one can handle; taking too much work or too big of a challenge) — взяться за непосильное дело, за непосильную работу; замахнуться н

rail at fate

rail at fate — плакаться на (свою) судьбу, жаловаться на судьбу; клясть (свою) судьбу, проклинать судьбу

творить чудеса

work wonders

Example: ►►►
Example: The division of labor continues to work wonders. Thank goodness we're not all stuck on the farm.


a tattle-tale {US} AND a telltale {UK} (a child who tells an adult about something bad that another child has done; one that tattles, informer) — ябеда

whole nine yards

The whole nine yards means "completely, the whole, everything"; a complete job, quality, without cutting corners, e.g.:

run riot

run riot AND run wild

raise its (ugly) head

raise its (ugly) head OR rear its (ugly) head (if something unpleasant raises its ugly head, it becomes a problem that people have to deal with) — поднимать голову; (

sight for sore eyes

be a sight for sore eyes (if someone or something is a sight for sore eyes, you feel happy to see them)
— приятное зрелище, сердцу отрада (особ. о желанном госте);

go Dutch

go Dutch (with sb) (to share the cost of a meal in a restaurant) — платить свою часть, вносить свою долю за угощение (наравне с другими участниками компании); устраивать складчину

put stock in sth

put stock in sth AND take stock in sth — верить чему-л., относиться с доверием к чему-л., придавать значение чему-л.

live off the backs of sb

live off the backs of somebody (to use what other people produce in order to live, without giving them anything in exchange) — захребетничать; жить за чужой счет; сидеть на шее

free ride

a free ride (an easy time; participation without contributing anything) — халява; дармовщинка

accidents waiting to happen

an accident waiting to happen and a disaster waiting to happen (а thing or situation which is almost certain to eventually lead to an accident) — до добра не доведет;

extremes meet

extremes meet — крайности сходятся

opposites attract — противоположности сходятся, притягиваются

king of the castle

the king of the castle (the boss; leader; the person in charge of something) — хозяин, главный; ~ царь горы

dyed in the wool

dyed in the wool AND dyed-in-the-wool {always before noun} (a person or a group totally dedicated to a particular cause or belief; a person who has fixed, u

perish the thought

Perish the thought!

don't hold your breath!

Don't hold your breath. {usu said with pessimism or cynicism}

strike home

strike home and hit home

blown out of the water

blow sth/sb out of the water
blast sth/sb out of the water

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