under a cloud

under a cloud
1) if someone is under a cloud , other people think that they have done something wrong and are suspicious of them

paper chase

бумажная волокита (тягомотина), бюрократическая волокита

see also [red tape]

red tape

red tape (bureaucracy) — бюрократическая волокита, бумажная возня

Example 1: Applying for a visa often involves dealing with a lot of red tape.

wait and see

wait and see запастись терпением

we'll just (have to) wait and see
поживем — увидим

wait and see policy - политика выжидания

see also
ride the fence
[sit on the fence]

трещать по швам

[fall apart] (at the seams)
[not hold water]
fray around/at the edges (to start to come apart or to fail)


take the mickey out of sb {BrE} AND
take the piss out of sb
Meaning: to tease

одной левой

[win in a walk] or
[win in a breeze]
win hands down
beat sb/sth hands down

...He won hands down. — Он выиграл, можно сказать, одной левой.

торопить события

move (way) too fast (progress too quickly, be overwhelming) — торопиться, торопить события, форсировать события


[bells and whistles]

with bells on

в шутку

do sth as a joke

It was only said as a joke

[tongue in cheek]

язык мой — враг мой

[me and my big mouth!]
черт меня дернул за язык
болтун — находка для шпиона

real McCoy

the real McCoy (if someting is described as the real McCoy the it's the real thing, it's not a copy or a fake, therefore it's probably the best; a genuine item)

lick one's wounds

lick one's wounds (try to get your strength or confidence back) — зализывать раны

more by accident than by design

more by accident than (by) design -- нечаянно, ненарочно, по случайности; без злого умысла

whether by accident or design


headcase, nutcase

Example: Come on, don't you think she's just a headcase? — Да ладно тебе, она же просто ненормальная.

— Fenya


a sucker
молокосос (неопытный, наивный человек; an inexperienced, naive person)


Ср. лох


a free loader (someone who takes food, drink, or other things from other people, without giving anything in return—used to show disapproval)

wet blanket

a wet blanket (a person who'd spoil general pleasure)

зануда, кайфолом, кайфоломщик

a spoilsport


(in) the middle of nowhere
(at) the end of nowhere
(at) the back of the beyond

(out) in the boondocks


settle down
get sth / sb [out of one's system]

[браться за ум]

Opp. [sow one's wild oats]


[talk some sense into sb]
[make sb see reason]

throw cold water on sb
cool sb down/off
[охладить пыл]

United we stand, divided we fall

United we stand, divided we fall.
Один в поле не воин.
Вместе мы сила.

see also
circle the wagons

come hell or high water

Come hell or high water {informal}


Forget it. ( It was nothing; think nothing of it; don’t bother to mention it.)
Skip it. (Never mind; forget it; just let the subject drop.)


~ forget it

Example: Да забей ты на эти занятия — пойдем лучше в кино. — You're studying? Forget it, let's go to the cinema.

see also

от тюрьмы и от сумы не зарекайся

never say never

~Jail is never too far

keep a low profile

keep a low profile (to avoid attracting attention to yourself; to behave in a way that does not attract attention ) — держаться в тени; залечь на дно; затихариться (разг.)

затаив дыхание

(wait) with bated breath (while nervously waiting)

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