сидеть на шее

сесть (кому-л.) на шею
сидеть (у кого-л.) на шее

(жить за чей-то счёт )
live off somebody
[live off the backs of sb]
sponge on (live off the generosity of others)

в бегах

be on the run
( try to avoid being caught, especially by the police)

A serial killer was on the run last night after escaping from a maximum-security prison.


keep smth hush-hush
I don't understand why the government wants to keep it so hush-hush.

see also
[sweep sth under the carpet]
[keep under one's hat]
[under wraps]

~ [let it slide]

перепоясать чресла

turn a blind eye to sth

turn a blind eye to sth — закрывать глаза на что-л., смотреть на что-л. свозь пальцы (= не обращать внимания)

на побегушках

a gofer
someone whose job is to be sent to get and carry things such as messages, drinks, etc. for other people in a company

an errand boy


на своих двоих

на своих двоих (=пешком)
hoof it (to travel on foot, to walk)

...His car broke down, so he had to hoof it into town. (urbandictionary)

eat crow

eat crow (to display total humility, especially when shown to be wrong) — каяться, виниться, признать свою ошибку, неправоту или поражение

удар ниже пояса

a low blow
It's a low blow, but you win

— нанести удар ниже пояса

[hit below the belt]
[stab sb in the back]

see also
[foul play]

wide of the mark

If something is wide of the mark, it is inaccurate or incorrect — мимо, неверно; пальцем в небо; ~ с точностью до наоборот (по контексту)

word of mouth

word of mouth (something heard from someone else) — устные отзывы; огласка; слух, слухи; молва; ≈ сарафанное радио

sticks and stones can break my bones

sticks and stones may break my bones (but words will never hurt me).


ваня, деревенский дурачок — a derogative or humorous name for a rustic, simple-minded person, usu. a farmer or manual worker

a (local) yokel


put a positive spin on sth {BrE} — приукрасить, приукрашивать; представить в выгодном свете; ~ лакировать

face the music

face the music (to accept criticism or punishment for something that you have done; to accept responsibility for something you have done) — расплачиваться за свои поступки; держать от

отвлекающий маневр

отвлекающий маневр,
(ч.-л.) для отвода глаз
а red herring

Meaning: irrelevant matter (a fact, idea, or subject), usually one that diverts attention from the subject under discussion

pull faces

make a face (at sb) and make faces (at sb)
pull a face and pull faces

раздуть шум

hype (up)
build up a hype
{informal, disapproving}

c высоты птичьего полёта

a bird's eye view of sth ==>
[bird's eye view]
an overview of sth
an overhead view of sth

in the spotlight

in the spotlight/ limelight — в центре внимания

... She liked being in the spotlight.
... She's been in the limelight recently.

go off at a tangent

{UK} go / fly off at a tangent AND

opportunity makes the thief

Opportunity makes the thief
(lawless environment encourages crime, society is responsible for crime as much as the criminal)

≈ плохо не клади, вора в грех не вводи

take for granted

take sth for granted (not value or appreciate; assume that something or someone will always be there) — считать само собой разумеющимся, принимать как само собой разумеющееся

cut sb down to size

cut sb down (to size)
bring sb down to size

идти своим чередом

take its course
run its course
(move toward its natural or logical end) идти своим чередом; идти, развиваться естественным путем

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