пчелы против меда

like turkeys voting for Christmas

All is not lost

All is not lost (=there is still some hope of making a bad situation better) — Не все потеряно. Еще не все потеряно.

panic button

hit / press / push the panic button {infml} (to react to a situation by demanding emergency action; become excited; panic) — паниковать, запаниковать; поддаться панике, впа

for the heck of it

(just) for the heck of it
(just) for the hell of it
(just) for the devil of it

от нечего делать

[for the heck of it]

От нечего делать, сходил вчера в кино —...for lack of anything else to do.

for once

(just) for once and just this once {infml} on this occasion (which is in contrast to what happens usually) — в кои-то веки; хотя бы раз (в жизни), хоть р

walk the walk

walk the walk (do what you say; live up to the values you preach; practice what you preach) — подтверждать/подкреплять свои слова делом; переходить от слов к делу; действовать, а не б


чреватый чем-л. (неприятностями, бедой, лишениями)
[accidents waiting to happen]
~ a recipe for disaster

If you can't stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen

If you can't stand the heat, (keep / get out of the kitchen).

ride roughshod

ride roughshod over sth / sb / sb's feelings
run roughshod over sth / sb / sb's feelings

where's the harm in that?

Where's the harm in that? — Что в этом плохого? Что в этом такого?

Used when you think that something seems reasonable, although other people may not.

stoop so low

stoop so low (as to do sth) {fml} (to drop your moral standards far enough to do something bad, unpleasant or morally wrong, which you do not normally do) — (так) низко па

bear the brunt

bear the brunt of sth (put up with the worst of some bad circumstance) — принять на себя, выдержать главный удар; нести основную тяжесть чего-л.; принять на себя, выдержать, нести все

незаменимых нет

No one is indispensable (everyone can be replaced; no one is irreplaceable) — незаменимых нет; у нас незаменимых нет; незменимых (людей) не бывает

в шоколаде

somebody is golden {AmE infml} (used to say that someone is in a very good situation and is likely to be successful) --
≅ в шоколаде

You're golden!


being slow on the uptake OR slow on the draw (to be slow to understand new ideas)


a burden to/on sb
....... He didn't want to be a burden to his parents.
....... I don't like being a burden on other people. (LDOCE)



меня (очень) напрягло...
to fret over sth

off base

(be) off base {AmE, infml} (to be completely wrong about something) — ошибаться, заблуждаться

on top of sth

on top of sth (up-to-date on something; knowing about the current state of something; aware of or in control of a situation; dealing with some situation successfully) )

high on the hog

live high on/off the hog AND
eat high on/off the hog

roof over one's head

(keep/ have /etc) a roof over your head (a place to live) — крыша над головый, жилье

Example: Some people are struggling to keep a roof over their head.

rough around the edges

(be) rough around/round the edges AND have rough edges ({of a person} to lack refinement, polish, manners etc.; be not very polite, educated etc.;|| {

same old story

the same old story AND the same old rigmarole (a frequently recurring event or situation) —старая история, старая песня;
≅ Свежо предание!

You're the doctor

You're the doctor. (You are in a position to tell me what to do; I yield to you and your knowledge of this matter)
≅ Тебе виднее.
≅ Тебе лучше знать;
≅ Как скажешь.

ирония судьбы

ирония судьбы — a/the irony of fate; a/an (ironic) twist of fate

burst sb's bubble

burst sb's bubble
prick sb's bubble

play for a fool

play sb for a fool AND play sb for a sucker {US} (to treat someone like a fool, especially by trying to get something from them in a way that is not fair;


делать деньги на чем-л.
make money out of sth
make money off sthXXX
{infml} () —


make money off sth {often implies an unscrupulous method of generating income} — наживаться на чем-л., делать деньги на чем-л.

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