after a day's toil

after a day's toil
~ после трудов праведных

.....Well, after a day's toil in the office I like to relax a little.

small world

It's a small world.
The world is a small place.
Small world.

Мир тесен!

sweat like a pig

sweat like a pig

rest on one's laurels

rest on one's laurels (to be complacent after a period of work has attained success) — почивать на лаврах

cf.: [rest on one's oars]

lead sb astray

lead sb astray
(teach someone bad habits, or be responsible for making someone do something wrong) — сбить с пути (истинного), оказать дурное влияние, плохо повлиять

to one's heart's content

to one's heart's content (as much as one wishes) — сколько душе угодно; в свое удовольствие

psych oneself up

psych oneself up {infml} (to try to make yourself feel confident and ready to do something difficult) — подоготовиться психологически, настроить себя психологически

make a virtue out of necessity

make a virtue out of necessity (to manage to gain an advantage from something that you have to do and cannot avoid) — возвести необходимость в добродетель; оказаться вынужденно доброд

one and all

one and all {literary} (everyone; each one individually and jointly) — все без исключения, все подряд, все до одного; все и каждый

out of the goodness of one's heart

out of the goodness of one's heart (simply because one is kind) — по доброте душевной, из доброты душевной; по доброте сердечной, из доброты сердечной; ≈ за красивые глаза

из доброты душевной

[out of the goodness of one's heart]
out of sheer goodness of heart;
out of sheer kindness

make sb see reason

see sense
see reason

(to be reasonable and have good judgment)
— рассуждать здраво

talk some sense into sb

talk some sense into sb

put one's vision to reality

put one's vision to reality
(get what one wants from life; make one’s dreams come true)
воплотить мечты в жизнь, сделать мечты реальностью

rule the roost

rule the roost {infml} (to be the person who makes all the decisions in a group; to be the boss or manager, especially at home; to be the most powerful member of a group) —

чудес не бывает

There's a reason for everything.
Nothing happens without a reason.
~ чудес не бывает (Chaika)

bells and whistles

bells and whistles

дурная компания

the wrong crowd

Example: As a result of spending time with the wrong crowd all through high school and now in college, Joe smokes 10–15 cigarettes a day.

It's a no-brainer

It's a no-brainer (that)
(something that is absurdly simple or easy and requires little thought)
— понятно, что...;
ежу понятно;

бойтесь своих желаний

Бойтесь своих желаний — они могут исполниться.
Be careful what you wish for, ... might come true
...lest it come true may receive it just might get it.

swings and roundabouts

swings and roundabouts -- плюсы и минусы, преимущества и недостатки; достоинства и недостатки; победы и поражения, взлёты и падения;

like pulling teeth

like pulling teeth (extremely difficult) — очень трудно; не допроситься ( не допросишься); клещами не вытянуть; клещами вытягивать надо

means to an end

a means to an end
(a thing or action that is not interesting or important in itself but is a way of achieving something else) — средство для достижения цели

bird's eye view

a bird's eye view of sth (an overall or superficial view of something as if the viewer were a bird; viewing something from a height) — взгляд с высоты птичьего полета, взгляд с высо

каков вопрос — таков (и) ответ

Ask a stupid question (and you'll get a stupid answer.)
Ask a silly question (and you'll get a silly answer.)
Ask stupid questions and you'll get stupid answers.

lull sb into a false sense of security

lull sb into a false sense of security
lure sb into a false sense of security
give sb a false sense of security


will-o'-the-wisp (unobtainable, unreachable, romantic dream or hope; hazy, nebulous, phantom pursuit; anything that deludes or misleads by luring on) — нечто обманчивое, неуловимо

put sth to rest

put something to rest and lay something to rest {fml} (to put an end to a rumor, to finally show that something is not true;|| to finish dealing with someth

feet on the ground

have/keep both feet on the ground

on sb's coattails

on sb's coattails (aided by association with another person)
If you achieve something on someone's coattails, you achieve it because of the other person's power or success.

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