hope against hope

hope against hope

творить чудеса

work wonders

Example: ►►►
Example: The division of labor continues to work wonders. Thank goodness we're not all stuck on the farm.


be/feel/get emotionally hurt
be/feel/get (bitterly) hurt (by)

be/feel/get offended (by)

....When I am tired or feeling out of sorts I am more likely to be offended.

sweep sth under the carpet

sweep sth under the carpet AND sweep sth under the rug — (try to ignore or forget something (unpleasant) because it is embarrassing or it does

вывести на чистую воду

catch sb out (to show that someone is doing wrong)

play one's cards right

play one's cards right — правильно разыграть свои карты; не прогадать, хорошо сыграть, использовать возможности; умело вести свои дела; воспользоваться случаем, ситуацией, обстоятель

play cat and mouse with sb

play cat and mouse with sb (......) — играть в кошки-мышки с кем-либо; не говорить ни да, ни нет

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