ride the gravy train

ride the gravy train (live a life of plenty and luxury {informal}) — жить припеваючи; как сыр в масле кататься; выгодно устроиться

Example 1: Those who have a wealthy executive or heir to a fortune for a spouse can ride the gravy train without doing any work.

Example 2: If I had a million dollars, I sure could ride the gravy train.

gravy train

gravy train (the kind of job that brings in a much higher income than the services rendered would warrant {informal}; any easy and lucrative way of obtaining money; getting paid more money than the job is worth) — легкий заработок; легкие деньги; доходное место; выгодное предприятие; работа не бей лежачего; тепленькое местечко

Example 1: For many years his job was a real gravy train but now the company has become very strict and will not pay overtime.

денег как грязи

filthy rich

Example: У него денег как грязи. — He's filthy rich.

see also
[набит деньгами]

throw good money after bad

throw good money after bad (to waste money by spending more money on something that you have already spent money on and which is no good ) — тратить деньги впустую, бросать деньги на ветер, сорить деньгами; рисковать последним; упорствовать в безнадежном деле; как в бездонную бочку

Example 1: If you try to fix that car, you'll simply be throwing good money after bad. (CDAmI) — ... ты просто будешь бросать на это деньги как в бездонную бочку.

sink money into sth
[сорить деньгами]

золотая жила

pay dirt — золотая жила, золотое дно
hit/strike paydirt (make a valuable or useful discovery, especially one that makes you rich or successful (AE inf.) ) — напасть / наткнуться на золотую жилу

Example 1: We hit pay dirt when we got the rights to distribute the new product.

Originally, earth found to contain valuable minerals, such as gold.

наткнуться на золотую жилу — strike gold

дойная корова

a cash cow ( = a good way to make money)

This business is a great cash cow. They're making a lot of money now.


a mug's game BrE (= If something is a mug's game, it's something only a stupid person would do)

деньги на мелкие расходы

pin money
a small amount of money that you earn and spend on things for yourself
She has a part-time job that gives her pin money for extra treats for herself and the kids.

petty cash
a small amount of money kept in an office for buying cheap items:
Take the money for stamps out of petty cash.

карманные деньги
деньги на карманные расходы

cost an arm and a leg

cost an arm and a leg — стоить целое состояние; стоить очень дорого; очень дорого обойтись

as in 'the new phone cost me an arm and leg'

[стоить целое состояние]

сорить деньгами

[throw good money after bad]
[pour money down the drain]
Meaning: be extravagant, spend money often, quickly and in large amounts

spend money like water

зашибать деньги

[strike it rich]
[make it big]
make a killing
.......I've made a killing selling X
make a mint
make quick and easy cash

стоить целое состояние

[cost a pretty penny]
[cost a pretty sum]
[cost a packet]
[cost a an arm and a leg]

cost a king's ransom (be enormously expensive, сost a fortune)


scam (a clever but dishonest plan to cheat people) — жульничество, надувательство, махинации, авантюра


cough up (sth) or cough (sth) up

Сome on, cough up! - Ну же, раскошеливайтесь!

деньги на бочку

cash on the nail (- immediate payment)

pay on the nail - (make a prompt cash payment) - выложить деньги на бочку

See also [раскошеливаться]


[have a whip-round]
[chip in]
pass the hat round (send the hat round)
go on bat for sb

скидываться на
скинуться на
собрать вскладчину на

see also
[go Dutch]

[pay one's way]

under the table

under the table (something not recorded, not truly official, kept secret) — неофициальная зарплата, черная

Example: Example: "Since Anna was an illegal immigrant from Cuba, she could only receive money under the table from her employers."

(This is usually used when speaking about employment and money.)

If you wanted to say someone was not receiving money under the table, you would probably just go ahead and say, "She is a legal worker." or something to that effect. I can't think of any idioms to describe that.

see also
[under the counter]

отмывать деньги

launder money


(в смысле взятки)

grease the wheels;
grease the palm;
pay a baksheesh (payment as a tip or bribe to expedite service)

see also

гол как сокол

poor as a church mouse
poor as Job
poor as Lazarus
poor as Job’s turkey (the bird had a single feather remaining)

see also
[ни гроша за душой]
[беден как церковная крыса]

Происхождение выражения "гол как сокол"

В этой поговорке сокОл – не птица, а гладкое дубовое бревно, стенобитное орудие, которым в древности ломали стены вражеских крепостей. Сокол этот действительно был гол, на его поверхности не было ничего лишнего.

выброшенные деньги

waste of money

or деньги на ветер

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