Michele A. Berdy


Just Your Average Ivan Six Pack
15 July 2011
By Michele A. Berdy

Обыватель: average person, pleb, hoi polloi


Быдло: A Mix of U.S. Rednecks and Russian Rabble
(sheep, sheeple, lemmings, cretins, rabble)


Чмо: Great Word for All Those Chumps and Dorks
(weirdo, wacko, bum, idiot, jerk,
etc. )


сачковать, сачок

Slacking Off
28 September 2012


Moonshine (meaning illicit distillation) is a very high proof, often 190 proof (95% alcohol), distilled spirit.

also called


a stowaway
(a fare evader, someone who jumps the turnstile or bypasses the ticket inspector and rides for free) -- заяц, безбилетник

на свой страх и риск

do something at one's own risk (to do something unsafe even though you have been warned about the possible dangers and will have to take responsibility for putting yourself in dange

live off the backs of sb

live off the backs of somebody (to use what other people produce in order to live, without giving them anything in exchange) — захребетничать; жить за чужой счет; сидеть на шее

не все дома collection

There are a lot of English idioms and other words and

первый блин комом

The Russian pancake-making mania has given us the expression первый блин комом (literally: the first pancake is always spoiled; the first pancake gets balled up, which, if you've ever tried making th


From Coming to Terms With Deadlines and Jail Time
By Michele A. Berdy

как назло

Как назло means "as if in spite" and is said whenever things go wrong as if by design. You know how it is — you have to look your best for a meeting, and then on the way:

хлебом не корми

there's nothing sb likes better than...

be meat and drink to sb


A подъезд is an entrance hall of a multi-storey house through which all inhabitants pass on the way to their apartments.

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