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shoulder the blame

shoulder the blame
take the blame
(to assume the responsibility of ) — взять на себя вину, нести ответственность, винить себя; взвалить вину на себя

in dire straits

be in dire straits and be in desperate straits (to be in a very bad or difficult situation, especially one involving a lack of money) — быть/оказаться в отчаянном, б

будь мужчиной

Будь мужчиной! Веди себя как мужчина! Веди себя как подобает мужчине! Мужайся!
Take it like a man! (The gender neutral form of man is adult or grown-up, so I would suggest:

Не парься!

Не парься!
Не заморачивайся!
Не бери в голову!
Не напрягайся!

[don't sweat the small stuff]
[simmer down ]
[let one's hair down]
[cut loose]

Achilles' heel

an Achilles'/Achilles heel AND


зубрить, зубрежка
cram (prepare (students) hastily for an impending exam) — зубрить
cramming — зубрежка


{used to show disapproval}

count your blessings

Count your blessings.
≅ Мне бы твои заботы.
≅ Пусть это будет твоё последнее горе.
≅ Пусть это будет самым большим твоим несчастьем.

egg on one's face

have /get egg on one's face AND have /get egg all over one's face (to look foolish; to be embarrassed or appear stupid because something that you tried to do has gon

stick it out

stick it out (stay until the end; see something through; to persist or continue doing something, endure something) — продержаться, выдерживать, выстоять; (по контексту возможны ва

blow the whistle

blow the whistle (on sb / sth) (to tell the public or someone in authority about something wrong that you know someone is doing, especially at the place where you work; to draw atte

weather the storm

weather the storm AND ride (out) the storm (to survive a difficult situation) — выстоять, выдержать; преодолеть трудности, испытания, невзгоды; преодолеть жизненные

fall guy

a fall guy (someone who is punished or blamed for another person's mistake or crime; a scapegoat )


a cutting remark and a biting remark (a sarcastic or critical remark that is made with hurtful intentions; injuring or capable of injuring the feelings of others)


square (boring, up-tight, lame) — слишком правильный, отставший от жизни, старомодный; консервативный (и потому скучный)

pack rat

a pack rat (someone who collects and stores things that they do not really need; who has lots of things, especially junk; someone who does not throw anything away) — барахольщик, бара


get/be plastered (to get really drunk) — сильно напиться; напиваться в хлам; надраться

Example 1: I got rid of him because he got plastered every day on the job.

airs and graces

airs and graces (false ways of behaving that are intended to make other people feel that you are important and belong to a high social class) — манерность, жеманство; выпендреж; ~ п

push the envelope

push the envelope AND stretch the envelope (challenge yourself, innovate, take risks; to go beyond the limit of what has usually been done or was the accepted stand

off the cuff

off the cuff (spontaneous, without planning) — без подготовки, экспромтом; на ходу (=по ходу событий, без подготовки)

мурашки по коже

make one's flesh crawl (to cause someone’s skin to feel funny or get goose pimples through fright)

The queer noises in the old house made my flesh crawl.

give of oneself

give of oneself (be generous with one’s time and concern) — не жалеть ни времени, ни сил; не щадить ни времени, ни сиб; отдавать силы и время; не щадить себя; отдавать (всего) себя

smart aleck

a smart alec(k) (an annoying self-assertive person who tries to show off how clever they are; a person who is irritating because they behave as if they know everything; a person who t

ducks and drakes

ducks and drakes (the game of skipping flat stones along the surface of water) — «блины», «блинчики» (игра, состоящая в бросании плоских камешков по поверхности воды так, чтобы он

acid test

the acid test (a very thorough test: a fact, event, or situation that proves something, for example whether a plan will work; a test whose findings are beyond doubt or dispute, somet

three sheets to the wind

(be) three sheets to the wind (drunk to the point of being unable to stand up straight)— вдрызг пьяный; пьяный в стельку; пьяный в хлам/ в дупель/ в дым/ в дымину / в драбадан...

точить лясы

[chew the rag]
chew the fat
shoot the shit
wag one's tongue
have a chin wag
make chin music (to talk or chatter).

задеть за живое

[cut sb to the quick]
[strike home]
[hit where it hurts]
(to do something which will upset someone as much as possible) — задеть за живое, больно задеть

прощупывать обстановку

put out one's feelers/a feeler (to discover indirectly, ask subtle questions, through the grapevine; to test the opinions of others by listening carefully or by asking questions, so

зашибать деньги

[strike it rich]
[make it big]
make a killing
.......I've made a killing selling X
make a mint
make quick and easy cash

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