dibs on sth

(have / call) dibs on sth AND (have / call) first dibs on sth {US} (have the right to choose or share something; have the first right to) — занимать; заб

and how!

And how! {interjection} (emphatically so) — Еще как! Еще бы!
An interjection of strong agreement; used to stress agreement


chop-chop (hurry up; be quick) — Давай побыстрее!; Поторапливайся!; Пошевеливайся!

Example 1: Come on, chop-chop!

Example 2: Let’s go, chop-chop!

Used for telling someone to hurry

See also
[get cracking]
[get a move on]

go figure

Go figure! (Go try and understand why such a situation exists) — Поди тут разбери!; Поди пойми! Сам черт не разберет!; Как тут поймешь! Ну ни фига себе! (как выражение удивления и непонимания одновременно); ~Никакой логики!

Example 1: He said he quit smoking, then he asks for a cigarette. Go figure. (WM)

Example 2: One day she's nice and sweet, another she's quite snappish. Go figure. — То она милай и хорошая, то раздражительная. Попробуй (ее) пойми!

— Milanya


ну ни фига себе!

Well, blow me down! and Well, blow me over! (it is unbelievable; far out)

People say '(Well,) blow me down' when you have just told them something surprising, shocking or unexpected. This is an expression you use when you express great surprise at something you have been told and you find it difficult to believe.

A similar expression is:


Блин! (a G-rated interjection)
Shoot! Darn! Fudge!
Bummer! (Milanya)
Drat! Darn!

ничего себе

a ... and a half (something that you say about something that was very surprising, very good, or took a lot of time) — усиление: да еще какой; ничего себе (см. примеры)

Example 1: That was a meal/walk etc. and a half! informal (CIDI) — Вот это обед так обед!
Example 2: It was a trip and a half! — Ничего себе была поездочка!

bite me

bite me! (It's basically rude and means bite my a**; I have no respect for you, I don't care a sh*t about your opinion) — накося выкуси, ≈(да) пошел ты/пошло оно (куда подальше)

The sarcastic expression 'bite me' means the same as get bent, get lost or the four-letter 'f' word combined with off. Politely you could say, "Please leave me alone."6))

see also
накося выкуси
on yer bike!
[send sb packing]
[go jump in the lake]

for crying out loud!

For crying out loud! (Usage: something that you say to show you are angry / surprised / annoyed, and to emphasize what you are saying informal) — Да черт возьми!| C ума м

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