Informal talking & conversation

talk shop

talk shop (talk about work matters, especially if you do this outside work/outside of the workplace) — говорить о делах; говорить о работе (в нерабочее время)

strike up a conversation

strike up a conversation (with sb) (start a conversation, usually with sb you don’t know too well) — завязать разговор: разговориться (контекст.)

поговорить по душам

a heart-to-heart (talk) with sb (a serious conversation between two people, usually close friends, in which they talk honestly about their feelings) — разговор по душам

точить лясы

[chew the rag]
chew the fat
shoot the shit
wag one's tongue
have a chin wag
make chin music (to talk or chatter).

молоть языком

wag one's tongue and wag one's chin (to chatter or chat with someone) --молоть языком, чесать языком; точить лясы

трещать без умолку

[run off at the mouth]

Общее значение:
talk so much that the listener is tired of it
talk [nineteen to the dozen]

talk someone's ear / head / arm /pants off
talk a blue streak

chew the rag

chew the rag
chew the fat

(to have a chat with someone; to talk very informally with one's close friends) — болтать, поболтать, потрындеть, лясы поточить

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