Idioms and Expressions by David Holmes


will-o'-the-wisp (unobtainable, unreachable, romantic dream or hope; hazy, nebulous, phantom pursuit; anything that deludes or misleads by luring on) — нечто обманчивое, неуловимо

all brawn and no brains

all brawn and no brains (big and strong and muscular but not very intelligent) — физически сильный, но умом не блещет

behind the scenes

behind the scenes (not done in public; hidden) — тайно, закулисно; ~ под шумок


{used to show disapproval}

сool down

сool down AND сool off (to become, or to cause someone to become, less angry or excited; to reduce someone's anger, passion or love; relax, let anger go away ) — охл

страшно подумать

I dread to think
(I tremble to think.
I shudder to think)

Example 1: I dread to think what would happen if my husband knew I was seeing you. (DH)

eyes in the back of one's head

have eyes in the back of one's head (have the capability to see what is coming up behind you or going on behind your back; to know everything that is happening around you ) — иметь


a backhander {infml} (a bribe given to someone in a way which others cannot see) — взятка


(in) the middle of nowhere
(at) the end of nowhere
(at) the back of the beyond

(out) in the boondocks

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