in good with sb

be in good with sb (be in sb's favor; to have pull with sb) — быть на хорошем счету у кого-л; быть в хороших отношениях с кем-л.

stab sb in the back

stab sb in the back (to betray somebody; to do or say something that harms somebody who trusts you)

scrape acquaintance with sb

scrape acquaintance with sb — навязывать кому-л свое знакомство, навязываться в знакомые; набиваться в друзья;

Example: He tried to scrape acquaintance with her, but failed ignominiously. — Он попытался было навязаться к ней в знакомые (навязать ей свое знакомство), но с треском (позором) провалился.

[втереться в доверие]
[get in good with sb]

водой не разольешь

(as) thick as thieves (if two people are thick as thieves, they are close friends) {old-fashioned} — водой не разольешь

Example 1: I'm sure she tells Ruth what's going on - they're as thick as thieves, those two. (CIDI)

Example 2: You can't tell Adrian a word against Holly. They're as thick as thieves.


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