fall out of love

fall out of love (with sb/sth) — разлюбить, перестать любить

play gooseberry

play gooseberry {UK, humorous} (to be with two people who are having a romantic relationship and who would prefer to be alone) — быть третьим лишним

Example: Yes, thank you, I'd love to go to the cinema, if you two are sure you don't mind me playing gooseberry. — если я для вас не стану третьим лишним;



play hard to get

play hard to get (pretend lack of interest) —строить, изображать из себя недотрогу; изображать неприступность; ~ строить из себя «целку» (vulg.)


hanky-panky (sexual activity, especially when it is secret ) — шуры-муры


бабник — a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them

play footsie

play footsie with sb (flirt by secretly touching someone's feet under a table with your feet to show sexual interest in them {usu in continuous tenses} — заигрывать (касаясь ноги о

строить глазки

make eyes at sb (flirt)
make sheep's eyes at sb ;
make cow’s eyes at sb

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