tie up loose ends

tie up loose ends (to deal with the minor consequences of a previous action; to tidy up, finish, or complete; finish a project, complete the last few details that need to be finished or explained in order for sth to be complete) —доделывать, хвостики доделать; кое-что доделать; совсем немного осталось

Example 1: Are you leaving soon? -I've just got to tie up one or two loose ends , then I'll be on my way. -- .. оталось еще кое-какие мелочи доделать.

finishing touch

(put /give) a finishing touch (to sth) AND (put / give) a finishing stroke (to sth) (a small change or addition that serves to complete something; the final move, the act that completes the task) -- делать последние штрихи, отделывать что-л.; шлифовать; завершать, доводить до конца;

give /put the final (или finishing) touch(es) to

Example 1:She applied eye shadow and lipstick and as a finishing touch, forced earring wires through the virtually grownover holes in her lobes.

lick into shape

lick/whip / knock sb/sth into shape(to make something work properly; to put something into good condition) — доводить до ума; привести в божеский вид; ~ сделать человека

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