and how!

And how! {interjection} (emphatically so) — Еще как! Еще бы!
An interjection of strong agreement; used to stress agreement

еще как!

[and how!]

big time

big time {informal} (on a large scale; to a great extent; to a very large degree) — очень, сильно, здорово, не слабо (как усилитель)

not just any old

not just any old + noun (not a typical, average or usual) — (это вам) не просто какая-нибудь...

Example 1: It's not just any old car. It's a Bently! — Это не проскто какая-то занюханная машинка — это бентли.

Example 2: Not just any old robbery, but one so unashamed and obvious that it is committed in broad daylight.

bite your tongue!

Bite your tongue! (Be sorry you said that!; Take back what you said!) — Попридержи язык! Возьми свои слова обратно! ~Типун тебе на язык! (контекст)

Example 1: Me a thief? Bite your tongue!

Example 2: Why do you say she will fail? Bite your tongue!

see also
[bite one's tongue]
[perish the thought]

так я и знал!

I thought as much! (you say this when you discover that something you thought was true is really true) — я так и знал!; так я и знал!

I knew it!

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