Difficult things and people

thorn in one's side

a thorn in one's flesh
a thorn in one's side

(a person or thing that repeatedly annoys you or causes you pain; one who thwarts you, one who irritates you, a bug)


a burden to/on sb
....... He didn't want to be a burden to his parents.
....... I don't like being a burden on other people. (LDOCE)

cross to bear

one's/a (heavy) cross to carry / bear (an unpleasant or painful situation or person that you have to accept and deal with, although you find it very difficult; affliction or misfortu

pain in the neck

pain in the neck — головная боль (= проблема; человек или вещь, которая доставаляет одни неприятности);~ геморрой; || невыносимый человек ("достал уже")

bane of one's life

the bane of one's life (sb/sth that is always causing problems) — сущее наказание, бич, крест

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