pull a fast one

pull a fast one (on sb) (to successfully deceive someone) — надуть, наколоть; плутовать, жульничать, мошенничать; обманывать

Example 1: Most people who call in sick on Monday are pulling a fast one. (= pretend sth that is not true in order to deceive the employer)

Example 2: They sure pulled a fast one on you — Они меня здорово накололи.

sleight of hand

sleight of hand () — ловковть рук; наперсточничество; хитрость; ловкий трюк, прием (обманный)

1. ways of deceiving people which you need skill to do.

Example: Some mathematical sleight of hand was required to make the figures add up.

2. quick, clever movements of your hands, especially when performing magic tricks.

Example: With impressive sleight of hand he produced two pigeons out of his top hat.

(Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)

ловкость рук

stab sb in the back

stab sb in the back (to betray somebody; to do or say something that harms somebody who trusts you)


frame-up; frameup; framе (a scheme where an innocent person is made to take the blame for something; incrimination caused by contrived evidence.) — подстава

lead sb up the garden path

lead sb up the garden path (US: lead sb down the garden path) (to deceive someone) — водить за нос, морочить голову, заниматься очковтирательством

EXAMPLE 1: We were led up the garden path about the cost of the building work — it turned out really expensive.(CIDI)
EXAMPLE 2: It seems as if we've been led up the garden path about the position of our hotel — it's miles from the beach!(СALD)

see also
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stack the cards

stack the cards (UK) and stack the deck (US) (unfairly (secretly and dishonestly) arrange things for or against sb so that a person has an unfair advantage or disadva


scam (a clever but dishonest plan to cheat people) — жульничество, надувательство, махинации, авантюра

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