Crime doesn't pay

Crime doesn't pay

≈ преступление никогда не оправдывается
≈ преступление себя не оправдывает
(невыгодно совершать преступление, себе дороже)

blow the whistle

blow the whistle (on sb / sth) (to tell the public or someone in authority about something wrong that you know someone is doing, especially at the place where you work; to draw atte

fair cop

it's a fair cop {UK sl} — (an admission that the speaker has been caught red handed; just after being caught at something, roughly equivalent to "Yes, I did it." From "cop", to catch; used humorously when someone has discovered that you have done something wrong and you want to admit it.) — застукали на месте; ваша взяла;....

a fair cop
обоснованный арест; попался за дело, поймали с поличным

Example 1: It's a fair cop. I was driving way too fast.


a partner in crime (a person who helps you to make a secret plan to do something wrong, dishonest, or naughty) — сообщник


a kickback — откат («вариант» взятки)

have the goods on sb

get / have the goods on sb (to find out true and, often, bad information about; discover what is wrong with; be able to prove the guilt of) — собрать/иметь компромат на кого-л.; собрать, иметь улики против кого-л; уличить; иметь/ собрать доказательства вины

Example 1: She keeps paying blackmail to a man who has the goods on her.

Example 2: Although Jane was not a good worker, her boss didn't fire her because she had the goods on him.

put a contract out on sb

put a contract out on sb — заказать кого-либо
a contract out on (informal) — a contract that pays to have someone killed; an agreement to kill a person for money

Example 1:They put a contract out on him and he's in hiding.
Example 2: The house put a contract out on me. I had to hide for a while.
Example 3:
Bond: Who would want to put a contract out on me?
M: Jealous husbands, humiliated tailors, outraged chefs. The list is endless!


frame-up; frameup; framе (a scheme where an innocent person is made to take the blame for something; incrimination caused by contrived evidence.) — подстава


There's a contract out on him -- его заказали

for more examples see
[put a contract out on sb]

стычка с законом

[brush with the law]

to fall foul of the law
fall foul of sb/sth (to get into trouble with a person or an organization because of doing something wrong or illegal)

brush with the law

(have) a brush with the law (a brief encounter or experience with the police because of a crime) — cтычка с законом, столкновение с законом, нелады с законом

Example: He had two brushes with (the) law when he was young but now he is totally honest.

Usually used when talking about minor legal offences

компромат на кого-л

go to
[have the goods on sb]
[have some dirt on sb]
[досье на кого-л]

have sth on sb
dig some dirt up on sb

have nothing on sb, not have anything on sb

заниматься приписками

[cook the books] — illegally change information in accounting books in a company

The accountant was cooking the books for over a year before he was caught.

[двойная бухгалтерия]
[creative accountancy ]
doctor sth

cook the books

cook the books -- заниматься приписками , подделывать финансовые документы
doctor (records, books, evidence) -- подчистить; подделать (док-ты, улики, бухгалтерские книги); фальсифицировать: подтасовывать

[двойная бухгалтерия]
[creative accountancy ]

нечист на руку

быть нечистым на руку - [have sticky fingers]


a mug's game BrE (= If something is a mug's game, it's something only a stupid person would do)

criminal record

criminal record — криминальное прошлое; судимости

rap sheet(Slang)
A police arrest record.

to have (to show) a clean record — иметь безупречное прошлое; не иметь судимости
to have a police record — иметь приводы; состоять на учете (?)


scam (a clever but dishonest plan to cheat people) — жульничество, надувательство, махинации, авантюра

sitting duck

a sitting duck / target (for) and an easy target (for) (defenseless, vulnerable) — лёгкая добыча

Example 1: Tourists are a sitting duck for thieves. — Туристы — лёгкая добыча для воров.

Example 2: Your car doesn't lock, so it's an easy target for theft.

shoot the sitting duck / pheasant — погубить человека, воспользовавшись его беззащитностью, беспомощностью; ≈ бить лежачего (досл. стрелять по сидящей утке или фазану)

see also
[бить лежачего]


catch sb in the act

catch sb in the act AND catch sb red-handed — поймать с поличным, поймать на месте преступления, схватить за руку

Example 1: He takes too many risks. One day they'll catch him in the act. — Он слишком рискует. Настанет день — и его поймают с поличным (схватят за руку).

с поличным

[catch sb in the act]
[catch sb with one's pants down]
catch sb red-handed
[fair cop] {UK}

under the table

under the table (something not recorded, not truly official, kept secret) — неофициальная зарплата, черная

Example: Example: "Since Anna was an illegal immigrant from Cuba, she could only receive money under the table from her employers."

(This is usually used when speaking about employment and money.)

If you wanted to say someone was not receiving money under the table, you would probably just go ahead and say, "She is a legal worker." or something to that effect. I can't think of any idioms to describe that.

see also
[under the counter]

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