дурка, дурдом, психушка

hung up about sth

be hung-up (about/on sth) (having a hang-up; obsessively or exclusively interested in) — быть зацикленным на чем-л.; иметь пунктик, заморочку по поводу чего-л.

off the rails

(be /go /run) off the rails {infml} (to start behaving strangely or in a way that is not acceptable to society; to be spoiled by bad management; to be in an abnormal or malfu

lose one's mind

lose one's mind AND lose one's reason (go crazy, lose one's sanity) — сойти с ума, свихнуться, рехнуться, сбрендить (разг., прост.)

Example 1: Have you lost your mind? — Ты что, совсем рехнулся?

Example 2: I thought she'd lost her mind when she said she was going ice-fishing. (

crack up

crack up (have a nervous breakdown) не выдержать нервного напряжения, сорваться; получить нервный срыв;~ едет крыша

не все дома collection

There are a lot of English idioms and other words and

bee in one's bonnet

a bee in one's bonnet — a fixed idea/an obsession that seems crazy;

have a bee in one's bonnet — be obsessed with something; to be very involved in something that one thinks is important, in a way that other people find annoying — зациклиться, застрять на чем-то; иметь пунктик по какому-л. вопросу; иметь навязчивую идею;
(bonnet = hat)

Example 1: She's got a bee in her bonnet about eating raw fish to stay fit and healthy. — У неё пунктик / она зациклена на том, что необходимо есть сырую рыбу, чтобы сохранить здоровье.

off one's rocker

to be off one’s rocker/trolley - свихнуться, слететь с катушек

off your rocker (INFORMAL) (CALD)
If you say that someone is off their rocker, you mean that they are behaving in a very strange or foolish way.

off your trolley (UK INFORMAL) (CALD)
behaving in an extremely unusual way or doing something very silly:

Anyone who saw us doing this would think we were off our trolleys.
Have you gone completely off your trolley? You'll never get away with it!

be off your trolley (humorous) (CDI)

to be crazy


have a thing about {infml} ( a mental attitude, preoccupation or obsession)



headcase, nutcase

Example: Come on, don't you think she's just a headcase? — Да ладно тебе, она же просто ненормальная.

— Fenya

шариков не хватает

сойти с ума

[lose one's mind]
go out of one’s mind
go mad,
go nuts,
go bonkers,
go off the hinges
go off one's nut
lose the plot (British & Australian, humorous)

слететь с катушек
[off one’s rocker]
снесло крышу
снесло башню

See also [не все дома collection]

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