consider it done

Consider it done
› used to say that you will do a particular task immediately
~ Можете считать, что дело уже сделано.

on good authority

on good authority — из достоверных источников, по достоверным сведениям

have (got) sth on good authority (be able to believe sth because you trust the person who gave you the information) — знать из достоверных источников, по достоверным сведениям

Example 1: I have it on good authority that Jill is going to resign.

Example 2: ...

see also
[из первых рук]

your wish is my command

Your wish is my command (a humoristic way of saying that you are willing to do whatever the other person asks) — Слушаюсь и повинуюсь!; Будет сделано!; ~ Так точно, товарищ начальник

black-and-white issue

a black-and-white issue (something that is very clear in meaning, there is no gray area in meaning — either you agree with it or you don't ) — нечто соверешенно бесспорное или очевид

you can take that to the bank

You can take that to the bank OR You can bank on it (it is a certain thing) — наверняка, точно; стопудово

Example: He’s finally coming home for Christmas. You can take that to the bank!

Frequency of usage:
Frequency of usage: often



in no uncertain words — недвусмысленно, ясно (сказать)

см. также

[mince no words]
[make no bones about sth]
[call a spade a spade]

из первых рук

из первых рук
см. first-hand
first hand — на себе, на собственной шкуре; воочию
at first hand — непосредственно, из первых рук

Example: We'll obtain the information at first hand.— Мы получим информацию из первых рук.

see also
[on good authority]

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