break bread

break bread (with sb) (have a meal, eat together with sb) — преломить хлеб с кем-л., разделить трапезу с кем-л. (этим. библ. Acts XX, 7); принимать пищу, есть за общим столом, вместе

hallowed be thy name

hallowed be thy name - (библейск.) да святится имя твое

the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing — левая рука не ведает, что делает правая

something that you say which means that communication in an organization is bad so that one part does not know what is happening in another part

Example:I was sent the same letter from two different departments. I get the feeling the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. (CIDI)

man after my own heart

a man after my own heart (a kindred spirit, someone I can agree with) — родственная душа

after one's own heart (of the type one likes) — пришедшийся по сердцу; по душе

Example: Ann married a man after her own heart.

the term originates from the Bible (King James Version):

Samuel 13:14:

gospel truth

the gospel truth (the complete truth) — истинная правда

Example: I didn't touch your toothbrush, and that's the gospel truth. — Не трогал я твою зубную щетку, истинная правда.

[take sth as the gospel truth]

неисповедимы пути господни

The ways of God are mysterious — пути господни неисповедимы

Example: You must not ask how or why, for the ways of God are mysterious and beyond human knowledge. — Ты не должен спрашивать как и почему, потому что пути господни неисповедимы.

[бог тебе судья]
[the mills of god grind slowly]

the mills of God grind slowly

The mills of God grind slowly (whatever you do, you can't escape the Day of Judgement or you'll get what you deserve in some way or another) — бог все видит; не скор бог, да меток; на всякого найдется управа; всем воздастся по заслугам рано или поздно

ср. также:

[неисповедимы пути господни]
[бог шельму метит]
[get one's come-uppance]
[get what's coming to one]
[what goes around comes around]
[taste of one's own medicine]
[serves you right]

have one's quiver full

have one's quiver full — иметь много детей; семеро по лавкам; иметь многочисленную семью.

The man who has "a quiver full" of children that walk in the fear of the Lord is truly blessed.
Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them; (Psalm 127:3-5a )

breathe fire and brimstone

breathe/ preach fire and brimstone — из ушей дым идет, из ноздрей пламя пышет

Brimstone is the obsolete name for sulphur, a noxious substance. In Genesis God rains down 'brimstone and fire' to punish. The more familiar pairing of fire and brimstone occurs as a means of torture in Revelation. The idea of breathing it probably originates in the same book, where 'fire and smoke and brimstone' issue threateningly from the mouths of warriors' horses.

turn the other cheek

turn the other cheek - подставить вторую щеку, не сопротивляться; не давать сдачи, не отвечать злом на зло

Meaning: let someone do something to you and not to do it in return; not hit back when hit; be patient when injured or insulted by someone; not try to get even.

curse sb with bell, book, and candle

curse sb with bell, book, and candle — предать анафеме, отлучить от церкви
cursed with bell, book, and candle — преданный анафеме, проклятый
The original ran as follows 'Do the book (close the Bible), quench the candle, and ring the bell" which meant 'You close the God's book on somebody, you extinguish his soul like a candle and you toll the person's spiritual death' thus expelling him from the company of believers.

separate the wheat from the chaff

separate the wheat from the chaff - отделять зерна от плевел

separate the good from the bad, the valuable from the worthless

---- ---

глас вопиющего в пустыне

Voice crying in the wilderness (person whose prophecies, warnings, opinions, etc. are ignored) — глас вопиющего в пустыне

writing on the wall

the writing on the wall AND handwriting on the wall (an omen of one's unpleasant fate) — зловещее предзнаменование (этим. библ. Daniel V, 5-25)

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