at daggers drawn

be at daggers drawn AND at daggers points (be angry and ready to fight or argue with each other) — на ножах, в состоянии (непримиримой) вражды; враждовать

Example 1: Do you know why Michelle and Peter are at daggers drawn again? - Oh well, they are always at war. If you take either's side you risk being on bad terms with the other one.

Example 2: Local residents are at daggers drawn with the council over rubbish collection. (often + over)

ноль без палочки

an abbreviated piece of nothing (an insignificant person or thing; a worthless person) — ноль без палочки; ничтожество, пустое место

Example 1:

running on empty

be running on empty (to continue perfoming or functioning even though you have little energy or strength) — продолжать что-л., когда сил уже не осталось или силы на исходе; держаться из последних сил; продолжать, хотя непонятно, в чем душа держится (и как ноги носят)

Example 1: With all the demands from a full-time job and college, Lori has been running on empty for the past couple of months. I don't know how much longer she can continue this way.

in the loop

in the loop (informed)

go back on one's words

go back on one's words ( to not be faithful or loyal to one's word or an agreement; break a promise) — идти на попятный; отказываться от уже принятого решения

Example 1: Patrick went back on his word when he refused to marry Karen in spite of his earlier promise. (Словарь американских идиом)

Example 2: The company directors went back on their word to give the employees a salary increase.

[пойти на попятный]

be as good as one's word — сдержать слово; быть верным своему слову; не обмануть

мелкая сошка

[low man on the totem pole]
[cog in the wheel]
small fry,
[no great shakes]
не велика птица
small potatoes (insignificant; of little concern)

обещанного три года ждут

Between promising and performing a man may marry his daughter

Similar English and Irish sayings:
One acre of performance, is worth twenty of the land of promise
Never promise what you can’t perform
Be slow to promise and quick to perform



[race against time]
[crunch time]
working flat out
working to beat the band
be snowed under

зайти в тупик

(о переговорах, проч)
[end in deadlock]
[reach an impasse]

at a dead end;
up a blind alley
on a route that leads nowhere.

Example 1: I have been trying to find out something about my ancestors, but I'm up a blind alley. I can't find anything. (NTC's)

Example 2: The police are up a blind alley in their investigation of the crime. (NTC's)

шила в мешке не утаишь

Truth will out / Murder will out
[murder will out]

what is done by night appears by day

пустить в ход уловки

press/push (all) the right buttons (to get what you want by behaving in a clever way) — пустить в ход все уловки (добиться своего хитростью)

Example: She seemed to push all the right buttons. — Кажется, она пустила в ход все уловки, чтобы добиться своего.

см. также
[by hook or by crook]
[by fair means or foul]
[for love or money]
[ every trick in the book]
[свернуть горы]

driving force

driving force — движущая сила (мотив)

куда ни кинь — всюду клин

куда ни кинь — всюду клин
a catch-22 situation
а no-win situation
a lose-lose situation

It was a classic catch-22... The problem was that it was a top-secret project and they weren’t supposed to know about it - «Классический парадокс. Разработчики проекта не имели права ничего знать о нем, поскольку он был сверхсекретным».

[заколдованный круг]

этот номер не пройдет

[cut no ice]
[no way]
[no deal]

something won't / doesn't wash (with sb)
≅ этот номер не пройдет;
≅ это никуда не годится

отложить в долгий ящик

[put sth on the back burner]
[kick sth into the long grass]

to table sth (to lay smth (a proposition / bill / discussion) away for further deliberation with the view of never bringing the matter up again) {AmE}

They tabled the social security enhancement proposition saying it was too expensive on tax payers.

growing pains

growing pains -- болезни роста;проблемы роста;трудности переходного периода

see also
teething problems (the problems that a project has when it is starting)

в прекрасной форме

in peak form

Example: She was still on painkillers, and she wasn't in peak form. — Она все еще была на обезболивающих и не в лучшей форме.

be in fine fettle (to be very healthy or working well)

Example: She was in fine fettle when she came back from her trip to the States.(CIDI)

Example: The business is in fine fettle and we're even planning to expand.

[in good nick]
[at the peak];
[in the prime of life];
[alive and well]
[как огурчик]

safe and sound

safe and sound (if you are safe and sound, you are not harmed in any way, although you were in a dangerous situation; not hurt) — жив здоров, цел и невредим; целехонек

вырыть себе яму

dig one's own grave (a person who digs their own grave does something which causes their own downfall.) — самому себе могилу рыть, копать самому себе могилу; губить себя

Example: If you drop out of college now, with such high unemployment, you'll be digging your own grave! (learn-english-today.com)

bite the dust

bite the dust (to die||break; to fail; to give out) — умереть, погибнуть, пасть; приказать долго жить

строить из себя

[too big for one's boots]
[full of oneself]
[put on airs]
[put on the dog]
[high horse]
[airs and graces]

He thinks he's God's gift to the world.
He's a legend in his own mind.
(This is a play on the expression "a legend in her/his own time".)

He's too big for his boots.
He thinks he's the lord of the manor.

раскусить кого-л

[have sb's number]

see sb for sth (to realize what someone or something is really like, especially when this is worse than they appear to be) —

Example 1: I can now see her for the liar she really is. — Теперь мне ясно / я раскусил, какая она на самом деле лгунья.

Example 2: He finally saw her for what she was.

get a life!

Get a life! (Don't worry about such stupid, or petty things) — Не бери в голову! Да брось ты! Не заморачивайся по пустякам! Не парься! Не запаривайся! Да не морочь ты себе голову!

разбить наголову

to smite the enemy hip and thigh( to attack unmercifully; overcome) — разбить врага наголову (дословно: перебить им (филистимлянам) голени и бедра); беспощадно бить (врага), разбить наголову; нанести полное поражение; разбить в пух и прах;
to beat sb good and proper
to beat (all) hollow также: победить с большим счетом (в спортивных состязаниях)
также: превзойти, затмить, перещеголять;
to beat hollow (to a frazzle, all to pieces)
to lick into fits

отбить охоту

put sb off doing sth -- отбить интерес, желание, охоту

пальцем в небо

1. (неточно, неверно)
be a long way out ( inaccurate) —

Example: My arithmetic's terrible — my answers are always a long way out.

miss by a mile — ошибиться, быть далёким от истины; ≈попасть пальцем в небо

above board

above board AND honest and aboveboard AND open and aboveboard (honest(ly), without concealment, without deceit or trickery) — честно, в открыту

миновать кризис

[turn the corner]
[over the hump]
[out of the woods]
[break the back of sth]

over the worst (if you are 'over the worst' you are recovering from an illness or injury) — худшее позади; поправляться; пойти на поправку

Example: Mark is over the worst now and the doctors expect he'll be able to leave hospital in a day or two. — Марк начинает пошел на поправку (начинает идти на поправку), и врачи считают, что дня через два он сможет выписаться из больницы.
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