lose heart

to lose heart (stop believing that you can succeed) — упасть духом; падать духом; опустить руки; махнуть рукой на что-л. (отчаявшись или потеряв надежду)

put the clamps on sb

put the clamps on sb / sth

ни одно, так другое

[If it's not one thing, it's another!]
то понос, то золотуха

[беда не приходит одна]
(все) одно к одному
It's just one thing on top of another. — Все одно к одному.

вскружить голову


[turn sb's head]
let it go to one's head
get a big head
have one's head turned by success

go to sb's head
let it go to sb's head

топтаться на месте

топтаться на (одном) месте, стоять на месте
(о ситуации, когда нет видимых изменений ни к лучшему, ни к худшему)

[get nowhere fast]
[tread water]
make no progress;

сколько душе угодно

the third degree

the third degree (a very tough and challenging interview or interrogation; vigorous questioning in order to extort confession) — допрос с пристрастием

learn the hard way

learn / find sth the hard way (to learn sth by experience, especially by an unpleasant experience) — узнать на собственной шкуре, тяжелой ценой, ценой проб и ошибок, набив много шиш

poker face

a poker face (a face lacking any interpretable expression; a visage lacking any expression that can be interpreted as that of an expert poker player; expressionless face, which conc

get a jump on sth

get / have a jump on sth/sb AND get /have the jump on on sth/sb (to start early, especially to start before something begins or before others begin; to gain an

идти на поводу

play ball (to agree to do what what you have been told or encouraged to do, or to agree to work with someone in order to achieve something together) — подыгрывать; идти на поводу;

путь наименьшего сопротивления

choose / take / follow the line of least resistance choose/etc. the easiest or least unpleasant way of doing sth) — идти по пути / выбрать путь наименьшего сопротивления

line of least resistance

take the line of least resistance
follow/take the path of least resistance — выбрать путь наименьшего сопротивления

задеть за живое

[cut sb to the quick]
[strike home]
[hit where it hurts]
(to do something which will upset someone as much as possible) — задеть за живое, больно задеть

crumbs from a rich man's table

crumbs from a rich man's table (a small comfort or compensation given to the poor or unfortunate by the rich or more fortunate) — объедки с барского стола; крошки с барского стола;


Things will work out.

говорить полуправду

be economical with the truth (If someone, especially a politician, is economical with the truth, they leave out information in order to create a false picture of a situation,

попахивать неприятностями

попахивать неприятностями
дело пахнет керосином

I have a bad feeling/a hunch/ bad vibes
the handwriting is on the wall
[writing on the wall]
spell trouble

out of sorts

out of sorts (slightly ill, upset, or unhappy) — не в духе, не по себе

If you are feeling a bit upset and depressed, you are out of sorts

cut the mustard

cut the mustard (do one's job properly; to succeed; to come up to expectations) — справляться со своими обязанностями

Often used in the negative, as in

prince charmng

Prince Charming — прекрасный принц (на белом коне)

Example: “Am I a hopeless romantic to think that someday my Prince Charming will arrive?”

сдвинуться с мёртвой точки


get off the ground (get started or set in motion, used figuratively)

Example: The project took a long time to get off the ground.

вилами по воде писано

лакомый кусочек

a bite of the cherry

пуп земли

1) (of person, thinking that e's better than anyone else) — пуп земли, центр вселенной
Lord Muck
He thinks he's Lord Muck. — Он считает, что он — пуп земли.

стрелять по воробьям из пушки

use a sledgehammer to crack a nut
crack a nut with a steam-hammer

отбросы общества

flotsam (and jetsam)
also life's flotsam and jetsam (people or things which are not wanted or have no value )

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